Courts bargaining

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Time to vote NO again and take action!

Protected industrial action continues with week starting Monday 20 November. Guides on how to take action are to the right of this page.

This action coincides with management’s ballot on the proposed offer.

The vote starts at 8am AEDT Tuesday 21 November and closes 5pm AEDT Thursday 23 November.

Read this summary on why the CPSU bargaining team are recommending all staff vote NO.

The Courts management offer does not match the rights and conditions in your current enterprise agreements. The Courts have made a decision to offer you less than other APS agencies and less than they are able to under the Government’s policy. You deserve an offer that treats with you respect.

Why vote NO now?

  • Voting NO means more pressure on management to make a fair offer.
  • Every time we vote NO they come back with a better offer.
  • Our pressure – voting NO, strong industrial action, all staff petitions demanding Fair Work Commission mediation, open letters to the public, media - is working and now is the time to increase that pressure.
  • Union member and non-member action has ensured management are starting to shift their position but there is still a long way to go to maintain current rights and conditions.

What you can do this week to make a difference

  1. Vote and vote NO
  2. Share CPSU information and encourage your colleagues to vote NO
  3. Take part in protected industrial actions this week


This week’s action is recommended by your CPSU delegates in all Registries and has been notified by the union on your behalf. Please speak with your delegate about action.

These are the actions we are asking members to take all week:

1. Only working a standard day – refer to guide 20

2. Taking a common lunchbreak at 1pm with your CPSU colleagues – refer to guide 19

3. Rolling hourly bans on answering calls and responding to Sametime and Skype  – refer to guide 21.

Please talk with your delegate to coordinate action most effective for your work and your workplace.

If you would like more guidance or would like to talk about your specific circumstances, please contact your local organiser or call 1300 137 636.

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