Cuts Hurt

Steph and team.
Public sector cuts hurt everyone.

Australians rely on an active Commonwealth public service to provide everyday support and protect our interests. But our world-class public service is under threat.

Right now Commonwealth public servants are struggling to deal with billion dollar Budget reductions and thousands of job cuts and the Abbott Government is determined to hack even deeper.

The Prime Minister has assembled a hand-picked team of big business leaders to conduct a ‘Commission of Audit’ into all areas of Government spending and the public service. 

The Commission of Audit’s brief is to provide a comprehensive hit-list of services and jobs to be abolished, reduced, outsourced or privatised. Its recommendations will feature in the federal budget in May.

Community groups and unions are deeply concerned about the impact of deep cuts on workers, their families, local economies and the community in general.

With the public sector already under pressure, cuts of this scale will severely damage public services in Australia.

We don’t need more cuts

What we do need is:

  • enough public servants to serve our growing population well
  • reliable services, available when we need them
  • a skilled, professional and stable public sector workforce

Support the Cuts Hurt campaign and make sure our political leaders understand that public service cuts hurt everyone.

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