NTPS Bargaining

Lock it in.

Unions have received the letter of offer from the Commissioner for Public Employment for your next agreement.

The offer addresses some of your claims:

  • Broadens the application of paid parental leave provisions to include surrogacy situations. However, this will not include primary care giver leave where the non-NTG employer gives birth and returns to work prior to 14/18 weeks (no part parental leave for the NTG employer).
  • Extends the payment of employer superannuation contribution when an employee is on unpaid parental leave from 6-12months. Your claim for increased rate of superannuation employer contributions from the legislated minimum of 9.5% has been rejected.

Each of the nine claims the Commissioner says he has agreed to, come with references to those matters being dealt with outside of the terms of the Agreement or are left open to further argument related to the actual wording. These do not  address our claims.

The offer proposes a four year agreement and locks in pay rises over that time at 2.5% or less when federal budget projects wages growth to increase to 3.75% over the next four years

The offer also

  • proposes to cut a number of allowances and entitlements that will leave some employees out of pocket,
  • provides no commitment to provide training and apprenticeships for NT youth , and
  • seeks to grandfather the NT allowance to existing employees and provide nothing for new NT Gov workers.  

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