ACCC staff vote 79% No to dodgy deal

Staff at the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission have voted 79% No to a proposed enterprise agreement, joining thousands of other workers who have rejected the Government’s harsh and unreasonable public sector bargaining policy.

Voting on the ACCC offer closed yesterday, with 77% of staff participating in the ballot and 79.17% voting No.

CPSU National President Alistair Waters said: “The ACCC’s highly trained staff protect consumers from dodgy dealing, so this strong No vote is a telling sign of just how unfair and unreasonable the Government’s approach to public sector bargaining is.”

“Management’s offer has been categorically rejected because ACCC staff value the important rights and conditions in their existing agreements, especially family-friendly clauses, and know that stripping rights out of agreements and putting them into policy would mean they could be arbitrarily changed without consultation down the line. This was also yet another agency where the bosses refused to add enforceable domestic violence leave into the new agreement.”

“There’s growing frustration across the APS because workers have been fighting for two years to get a fair deal, in the face of a pay freeze and unfair attacks by agencies as is required by the Government’s bargaining policy. More than eight out of 10 public sector workers still don’t have new agreements.”

“The refusal of Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to even talk with us about how his Government’s bargaining mess can be fixed explains why thousands of APS workers will strike in coming weeks, starting with agencies such as Medicare, Centrelink, the Tax Office, Defence and Prime Minister and Cabinet on Monday and then moving onto rolling strikes by Border Force officers at international airports and other sites.”

“The ACCC’s No vote should give Mr Turnbull even more reason to reconsider his Government’s position. These staff don’t vote No to a deal in such strong numbers just because the union tells them to. They’ve rejected it because it’s harsh and unreasonable, just like the Government’s policy.”