Electoral Commission staff vote 60% No to dud deal

Australian Electoral Commission staff have struck another blow to the Government’s failed public sector bargaining policy, with 60.21% voting No to a harsh and unreasonable enterprise bargaining proposal.

The result was announced on the same day as a 79.47% No vote in the Commonwealth’s largest agency, the Department of Human Services.

CPSU National President Alistair Waters said: “We are in a federal election year, but that hasn’t stopped Australian Electoral Commission staff from sending this strong rebuff of the Government’s dodgy approach to public sector bargaining.”

“AEC staff have rejected a dud deal that would have stripped important rights and conditions - such as consultation rights, a fair performance management system and reasonable control of working hours. All that would have been traded away from a underwhelming pay offer that’s well short of what staff deserve after an 18-month pay freeze.”

“The AEC is a challenging and demanding place to work, especially in an election year, and staff deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. CPSU members have clearly indicated they won’t agree to a new deal unless it protects them at work, providing certainty and consistency.”

“The commission has indicated it will be difficult to fix the enterprise agreement under the Government’s current bargaining policy, which is yet another clear sign that Minister Michaelia Cash needs to fix the policy before this dispute can be resolved.”