Sending public sector jobs offshore a lose-lose for the Australian community

The Community and Public Sector Union is deeply concerned by the suggestion that services to the community could be outsourced overseas, potentially undermining the integrity of such work while needlessly sending Australian jobs offshore.

At a briefing held by the Finance Department last month, it was revealed that private companies have been asked to provide guidance on how they may be able to send work now conducted by the Australian Public Service (APS) to overseas locations such as India.

CPSU National President Alistair Waters said: “This is a Government which claims to care about Australian jobs, but at the same time has sacked thousands of people who work in the public sector and now it is looking to send their work offshore.”

“We have already seen the tip of this iceberg in recent years, with the Department of Health sending work offshore and the Tax Office also considering allowing highly sensitive information to be managed overseas.”

“In this case it looks like the Finance Department is once again targeting IT jobs to be outsourced and offshored. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has indicated that innovation is the key to Australia’s future, yet at the same time he’s sending just those kind of technical positions overseas.”

“Australian families benefit from jobs in Australia not overseas. The Australian community wants its private information properly protected, which is harder to do if that information is sent overseas. Prime Minister Turnbull and his Government need to explain how this could possibly be in the public interest.”