More $ in your pocket

When CPSU members band together, they make a real difference when it comes to negotiating pay and conditions at work. If you are a union member, we are on your side and we are here to help. Every day CPSU staff and delegates work hard with members to achieve a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work.

Especially in tough economic times, the CPSU is dedicated to defending vital public services and the people who deliver them. We are a helping hand for any member unsure or confused about the pay and conditions they deserve.

More members means more power

Right around Australia CPSU members work together to fight for better pay and conditions. Fees paid by union members provide the resources, strength and capacity we need to achieve good outcomes. We urge you to join today and receive free advice and support: every new member makes us stronger.

Here are some ways the CPSU is making a difference:

Reclassification win

The CPSU Member Service Centre (MSC) recently helped a member whose managers had tried to reclassify him from EL1 to ASP5 while seeking to have his position declared excess.

The move would have significantly cost the member financially in the event of a redundancy.  With the help of an MSC organiser, the member was able to negotiate a redundancy at his EL classification, ensuring a fair redundancy payout that reflected his years of service.

The member told us “The MSC’s excellent service gave me the confidence of knowing I was a CPSU member at the most difficult time of my working life. I am sure that I will join in the union again without hesitation if I have opportunity to work in Public Service in the future.” 

7,700 reasons why it pays to check

When a CPSU member and shift worker noticed an unusual payment on her payslip she wasn’t sure if it was an overpayment or if she was had underpaid in the past. A

fter her attempts to follow up the discrepancy with her Department’s payroll team received no response, she got in touch with the CPSU Member Service Centre who stepped in and discovered that the member had been underpaid shift penalties for ten years.

The CPSU wrote to the Department and ensured the member promptly received a back payment of over $6,700 in shift penalties owed.

A strong case for promotion

A CPSU member was recently awarded a permanent promotion after initially being knocked back, despite years of working at Higher Duties. The member sought advice from the CPSU Member Service Centre on how to make her case to her APS employer.

With help and guidance from an MSC organiser, the member wrote to management to formally raise her concerns and aspirations, and was thrilled when she found out that management had at last agreed to her request.

We've got your back when it counts

As part of the Medibank sell off some CPSU members were advised by their employer to transfer to a private health provider, telling them they would not be entitled to redundancy if they declined.  

The CPSU provided the Australian Nursing Federation with information showing substantial losses or reductions in entitlements (including redundancy) across the board for transferring employees. 

The Fair Work Commission found the reductions and disadvantages the CPSU had identified considerably outweighed any benefits to transferring employees and rejected the private health provider's application to apply their agreement to transferring employees. 

Members can save money too

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