Welcome to our page for Australia Post members and employees

CPSU members in Australia Post are a strong and powerful collective voice to advocate and campaign for a better workplace. CPSU members throughout Australia have been working hard to ensure we maintain and improve the pay and working conditions for all workers in Australia Post.

CPSU members have successfully led, or are currently leading, campaigns around enterprise bargaining, privatisation and local workplace issues.

These include:

  • Aus Post Enterprise Bargaining 2020-2021
  • Work From Home policy negotiations
  • Aus Post Contact Centre Classification and Work Level Standards Review
  • CPSU Aus Post Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) 2020 negotiations
  • Senate Inquiries into the Alternate Delivery Model
  • Improving Mental Health within Office-based Environments
  • Customer Service Rewards and Recognition, and many more

You'll find all your news on these campaigns and isues at the bottom of this page.

Join now if you want to get involved

The CPSU is a democratically run union which prioritises its work based on members' feedback, so it is essential to join if you want to get your voice heard.

The CPSU has historically represented Australia Post workers in predominately office based environments, but you are welcome to join if you work at Australia Post or are working for another firm on the behalf of Australia Post (ie. labour hire or outsourcing). You are also permitted to be a member of multiple unions.

We work to ensure you are safe, have fair rights, pay and conditions, and a have a say on the issues that matter to you.

You can be part of that. We know strong union workplaces deliver better conditions, working lives and safer workplaces. Join us today

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