Our national galleries and museums are warning of 'impasse' after years of neglect

Australia’s current funding model is failing our nation’s cultural institutions and putting our national cultural identity at risk.

Our members are calling for a new national cultural policy that urgently addresses critical issues that are failing our cultural and creative sector.

Decades of funding uncertainty, budget cuts, job insecurity, and politicisation have damaged our nation’s capacity to promote, preserve, and build participation in our nation’s cultural and creative identity.

It's time for a new, fit for purpose funding model

Your union has long advocated for you and the vital work you do at our precious cultural institutions.  

Based on member feedback, our recent submission on a new National Cultural Policy calls for:

  • exempting National Cultural Institutions (NCIs) from the efficiency dividend and working with the CPSU on a fit for purpose funding model,
  • reversing the damage of staffing cuts,
  • the need to fund capital works, and
  • more than one-off funding supplementations.

Here’s where you can make a difference

It is important for all workers in our National Cultural Institutions to endorse the call for a new, fit for purpose funding model and contribute to the effort to improve cultural institutions and ensure a sustainable funding and staffing model.

Next steps: