NGA management has proposed 28 unnecessary cuts to workers’ conditions, and the government’s bargaining policy limits potential pay rises.

CPSU members have tabled a claim which covers job security, a guaranteed pay rise, rights for casual workers, genuine consultation, and enforceable conditions.

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Bargaining FAQs

As we’re progressing with bargaining, we’ve been getting some questions about timelines and voting implications, so we thought we’d collect them here:

What happens next?

It looks like we’ll be going to a vote soon. We’re only a month into the bargaining process (a process which normally takes around 6 months), but the NGA is keen to cement the 29 cuts they’ve proposed ASAP. It's said no to just about every improvement you’ve asked for (and taken credit for CPSU member ideas like Family and Domestic Violence Leave). Unless it changes its position, the only way to preserve your current EA entitlements will be to vote No and return to the bargaining table.

Is my vote anonymous?

Yes, and so is your union engagement. The vote is administered by a third party, and the NGA won’t know how you voted, just the result and how many participated.

What happens if I vote No?

If you vote No, your current agreement continues and we go back to the bargaining table. A No vote will demonstrates to the NGA that workers refuse to accept proposed cuts. We know that when workers return to the bargaining table after a No vote, management is far more likely to genuinely engage with our claims.

What’s the difference between EA and policy?

An Enterprise Agreement is an enforceable document, agreed to by management and voted on by staff, which enshrines your rights and gives workers the ability to take disputes about your rights to the Fair Work Commission. Policy is a management-written document which can be changed at their discretion and is not legally enforceable.

What does ‘simplify, clarify, modernise’ mean?

Simplify, clarify, modernise means cuts. The NGA is trying to remove your workplace rights from the EA and move them to policy where they can be changed without agreement or consultation.

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Remember to sign the pledge

Your bargaining team believes that management’s position is an unacceptable loss of terms and conditions, which is why we’re asking all workers at the Gallery to sign our pledge to vote NO to cuts. The pledge reads:

"We, the workers of the National Gallery of Australia, work every day to maintain a world-class Gallery and collection. We do not support and pledge to vote against proposed cuts to our workplace rights and the detail of our conditions. We urge the NGA to treat us with the respect and dignity we deserve."

Sign the pledge here.

This is a critical litmus test of where workers stand on management’s proposed cuts. Getting strong worker support behind our campaign to maintain workplace rights will help bargaining reps compel management to properly engage with our claim.

CPSU Bargaining Claim

This bargaining round members are focusing on:

Keeping rights in the EA instead of moving them to policy

We know from the last few rounds of redundancies how important it is to have workers’ rights enshrined in the enterprise agreement, rather than sitting in policy which can be unilaterally changed by management.

Rights for casual staff

Casual workers provide a vital service to the NGA. They’re skilled workers who juggle visitor experience, art handling, safety, and sales. Yet they’re routinely denied the ability to move up pay increments or convert their employment from casual to ongoing.

Management accountability on workloads and classification

CPSU members want management to commit to regular review of workloads and work level classification.

Download the CPSU bargaining claim 

Help us win

We know that this bargain is going to be difficult, but while the government has doubled down on their ‘no enhancements’ approach, the bargaining policy doesn’t mandate cuts to conditions. Any cuts that are proposed will be management initiated, which means union members have the power to stop them.

To win we need more people to be members of the union. Ask a friend to join today to help us get the best agreement for Gallery staff.

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