It’s time for NGA staff to Vote No to NGA cuts and government ‘no enhancements’

And don’t forget to sign the pledge.

If accepted the NGA proposed agreement would:

  • Remove flexible work and reduce part time rights
  • Allow hours to be averaged over four weeks to avoid overtime
  • Drastically reduce performance management and learning/development rights

It also denies sensible member suggested improvements including:

  • Broad and inclusive definition of family that recognises kinship
  • Comprehensive right to a safe workplace free of harassment and a detailed process for dealing with sexual harassment
  • Fair pay point advancement for casuals

Your union did enforce some improvements to bring the NGA up to some minimum legal requirements. These legal requirements would also need to be included in any future NGA offer:

  • Casuals at 1.1 and 1.2 to receive a 5% increase to their loading.
  • All casuals to receive higher duties allowance immediately rather than waiting two weeks

See our full analysis here 

Remember to sign the pledge

Your bargaining team believes that management’s position is an unacceptable loss of terms and conditions, which is why we’re asking all workers at the Gallery to sign our pledge to vote NO to cuts. The pledge reads:

"We, the workers of the National Gallery of Australia, work every day to maintain a world-class Gallery and collection. We do not support and pledge to vote against proposed cuts to our workplace rights and the detail of our conditions. We urge the NGA to treat us with the respect and dignity we deserve."

Sign the pledge here.

Bargaining FAQs

We’ve been getting some questions about timelines and voting eligibility and implications - see our FAQ here.

Help us win

Voting NO is step one.

But to win the agreement you deserve we need the resources, clout and credibility that comes from more people being members of the union.

Join today to help us get the best agreement for Gallery staff.

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