Australia used to have the most secure, reliable jobs in the world

Whether it’s casual jobs with fewer rights, fixed term contracts or labour hire arrangements that undercut pay and conditions for all, insecure work is a serious problem in our community. In the public sector, 1 in 4 jobs are fixed term, casual or labour hire. Workers in insecure jobs often have no access to paid leave, can’t plan their lives and have less money to spend in the local economy.

Insecure work

Insecure work undermines the work we do for the community and the public services that so many Australians rely on. We believe that secure jobs, better pay, conditions and workplace rights are worth fighting for.

Better pay and conditions

In the public sector, Government bargaining policies have capped and frozen wages, stripped back agreements and eroded workplace rights and job security. Bargaining is coming up for many in the public sector and after years of these regressive policies, workers deserve better pay and conditions.

Improved public services

After years of job cuts, outsourcing and excessive workloads, we need a bigger, bolder public sector, delivering improved public services for our community.

Action on climate change

After years of inaction, CPSU members are increasingly worried about the impact of climate change. Action on climate change is critical for our future wellbeing.

This is a resource page for CPSU members who are up for the fight – together we can make a difference.

Joint ACTU/Unions NSW Secure Jobs campaign launch

Watch the launch featuring our amazing delegate Ikini Frape talking about our union’s challenges and successes on secure jobs in Services Australia and the Commonwealth public sector.

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