The ALP's plan to rebuild the Australian Public Service

Labor has committed to:

  • Abolish the Coalition Government’s arbitrary staffing cap (ASL cap) allowing agencies to hire staff directly instead of through expensive labour hire arrangements which cost taxpayers more and pay workers less. Scrapping the staffing cap will benefit taxpayers, workers, and public service capability.
  • Reduce wasteful spending on external private labour and conduct an audit of employment within the APS and, as a model employer, take steps to create more secure employment where temporary forms of work are being used inappropriately. This will include converting labour hire, casual or contract roles into ongoing APS jobs.
  • Reinvest nearly $500 million as part of the first phase of rebuilding capability in the public service – including 1,080 new secure frontline service delivery jobs at Services Australia, the Department of Veterans’ Affairs and the National Disability Insurance Agency which will improve the delivery of services to Australians.

The outcome of the election determines not just our government, but also your employer in the APS and Commonwealth public sector.

We have prepared analysis of the policy positions of the two major parties on the issues that CPSU members have told us matter most.

  1. Compare the pair: APS bargaining
  2. Compare the pair: Job security
  3. Compare the pair: Climate change.
There's also a Compare the pair election handout  

Australia used to have the most secure, reliable jobs in the world

Whether it’s casual jobs with fewer rights, fixed term contracts or labour hire arrangements that undercut pay and conditions for all, insecure work is a serious problem in our community.

In the public sector, 1 in 4 jobs are fixed term, casual or labour hire.

Workers in insecure jobs often have no access to paid leave, can’t plan their lives and have less money to spend in the local economy.

Insecure work

Insecure work undermines the work we do for the community and the public services that so many Australians rely on. We believe that secure jobs, better pay, conditions and workplace rights are worth fighting for. Read Compare the pair: Job security

Better pay and conditions

In the public sector, Government bargaining policies have capped and frozen wages, stripped back agreements and eroded workplace rights and job security. Bargaining is coming up for many in the public sector and after years of these regressive policies, workers deserve better pay and conditions. Read Compare the pair: APS bargaining

Improved public services

After years of job cuts, outsourcing and excessive workloads, we need a bigger, bolder public sector, delivering improved public services for our community. The Senate Finance and Public Administration References Committee has recently released its Inquiry Report into the current capability of the Australian Public Service. The findings lay bare the damage done to APS capability and performance by the Morrison Government outsourcing, job cuts, labour hire use, and bargaining policies. Find out more here

Action on climate change

CPSU members are increasingly worried about the impact of climate change. Read Labor's Plan for Net Zero APS - CPSU summary  and Compare the pair: Climate change

Action is critical for our future wellbeing. Find out more and join the CPSU Climate Action Network here. 

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