By working together, Telstra members have a strong and powerful collective voice to advocate and campaign for a better workplace. We work to ensure you are safe, have fair rights, pay and conditions, and a have a say on the issues that matter to you.

You can be part of that. We know strong union workplaces deliver better conditions, working lives and safer workplaces. Join us today.

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Beyond bargaining - our campaign continues and building union strength matters!

Bargaining is but one stage of our wider union campaign for workers. While we did not get all the improvements we wanted, post bargaining CPSU delegates will continue to campaign on the things you told us were important – including:

  • Workload expectations, working hours and work/life balance
  • Access to flexible work
  • Mental health at work – as impacted by job demands and lack of role clarity
  • A safe and respectful workplace

You know what it’s going to take. That’s right more members. More members = more worker power!

Ask a colleague to make the choice to join and make a difference in your workplace. If you have questions about our campaigns talk to your local CPSU delegates, organisers or reach out to National Organiser Hayley Moody. Share this page with a colleague and ask them to join as well.

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