Candidates for National Secretary

MUDFORD Will (Members United)


I’m a CPSU workplace delegate with broad experience, from outsourced Telstra Bigpond service desks to my work today in legal policy. As a member, I have fought for gender equality including paid parental leave, working from home provisions, pay to match CPI, and the four-day week.

I’m ready to fight together. Service-wide bargaining means always being prepared for service-wide industrial action — engaging members in planning and preparing.

We need a real plan to win. Service-wide bargaining has been the long-run strategy of our union, and without action it is currently failing with below-inflation pay offers. If there has ever been a time for new leadership, it is now.

I have a proven track record. I’m a legal policy Director in the ACT Public Service. I’ve worked across diverse policy areas including environment protection, LGBTIQA+, mental health, and education. I’ve also worked as a youth campaign organiser for UnionsACT. This has shown me the power of the collective experience of workers, and the importance of energising the membership.

As part of ACT public service bargaining, I organised a group of parents from across the ACTPS, who won the right for non-birth parents to take primary caregiver leave more flexibly to suit our families.

I’m running for National Secretary with the Members United Team to democratise our union, working together to create change in our workplaces and society. Together members will lead our union.

Please contact me on 0423 445 339, Will4[email protected], and visit our website

DONNELLY Melissa (The Melissa Donnelly Team)

Melissa Donnelly My history representing CPSU members started back in 2004 doing pro bono work for a Federal Court case about members’ rights to be represented by the CPSU in bargaining. More than 18 years on, I am still dedicated to fighting for and empowering CPSU members.

As your National Secretary, I’m proud to lead a union delivering positive change for workers every day. Whether that’s making your workplace safer, fighting for your wages and conditions, winning secure jobs, making your voice heard, or holding public sector leadership and governments to account - you, our members, are our priority and our power.

That’s why our union is growing, with thousands of members joining, and hundreds of delegates stepping up.

Together, we have been through some tough times, but we’ve always risen to the task.

We fought tooth and nail against attacks on your jobs, rights and pay. And now, we’re delivering on an agenda that we built.

We scrapped the ASL cap, secured 18,000 new APS jobs, we’re transitioning labour-hire jobs to permanent jobs, making workplaces safer and more equal, and securing new rights and conditions through service wide bargaining.

But we aren’t stopping there.

My team is focused on building our union to deliver even more secure, permanent well-paid jobs, safer workplaces and a bigger, bolder Public Service.

It is a privilege to serve as CPSU National Secretary, fighting for and empowering members every day. With your support, I hope to continue to lead and deliver for our union.


Amelio SarcheseDear CPSU Members

I am writing to you to seek your support to be elected as CPSU National Secretary. I am honest, experienced and transparent, and I care about your rights.

If elected I will sort out the Superannuation miscalculation debacle and fix any other payslip and pay related errors for you:

  • I will set up a Taskforce to ensure the correct application of all salary and allowances for Superannuation and take-home pay is calculated correctly.*
  • I will also do a cost benefit analysis on political donations to ensure the $80.08m received from the sale of CPSU House is not wasted and is used to ensure you get value for money for your union fees.*
  • Now more than ever with the high cost of living it’s important that you elect someone who is working for you.

I am here to help, and I will put members like you first. What else would you like me to do? Let me know.

Please contact me on m: 0410 410 877 or email [email protected]

I am a long-standing Workplace Delegate stepping up to become an elected official as I am passionate about making unions relevant to the lives of workers.

I am ethical and honest and have all of our interests at the forefront.

In Unity
Amelio Sarchese

1Colliers International website
*Funding for these initiatives will not be taken from your Union fees, rather from the funds of the sale of CPSU house and political donations


Candidates for Assistant National Secretary

COLVIN Jordana (Members United)


I joined my union on my first day in the APS, and took on leadership roles from the get-go. I’ve worked across multiple agencies, advocating for members as a rank-and-file delegate.

Later I became a CPSU organiser, pushing the envelope where I could to advance members’ interests, but often facing internal bureaucracy and a disappointing reluctance from the union bosses to take action.

I’m now back in the public sector and know that things need to change. We cannot let this opportunity to make real change in the CPSU pass us by.

We must properly invest in the Member Service Centre to empower members and delegates. Our CPSU call centre resources are stretched. It’s unacceptable how much individual caseload work falls to delegates because it’s difficult to get clear industrial advice in a timely manner from an overworked MSC.

Delegates should be focused on collective issues and building our strength for bargaining. We need to invest in the capacity of the MSC so that the rest of the union can get on with the job.

It's not just about growing the union – it’s about getting real outcomes for members. The CPSU pays hundreds of thousands of dollars in affiliation fees to the ALP. I believe that union members should decide if this is the best way to spend that money – that’s why I support a member plebiscite on ALP affiliation.

PAYNE Melissa (The Melissa Donnelly Team)

I’m Melissa Payne and I’m running for the position of Assistant National Secretary of the Union because I have the skills, experience and vision to serve our members.

I have been a proud member of the CPSU for over 20 years, working as an industrial organiser, Director and Deputy National President. In these roles, I have witnessed the challenges that our members face every day, but also the power of our union as we fight to improve the lives of our members and the people they serve.

As Assistant National Secretary, I will work to ensure that our Union remains strong, united and effective in representing our members at all levels.

Additionally, I’ll be focused on:

  • Member engagement: I will continue to communicate and consult with our members, listening to their feedback, concerns and suggestions. I will also support the development and empowerment of our delegates and activists, who are the backbone of our Union.
  • Advocacy: I will lead and coordinate advocacy campaigns, negotiating with employers, governments and other stakeholders to secure fair and equitable outcomes while defending and promoting the rights and interests of members in various forums and arenas, such as industrial tribunals and parliamentary inquiries.

I am committed to building a strong and vibrant Union – one that empowers our members. I am confident that with your support, we can do this together.

I ask for your vote in the upcoming election for Assistant National Secretary of the Union.


Candidates for National President

BOISEN Adriana (Members United)


I’m a proud unionist in MoPS.

Public sector workers are on the frontlines of the climate and inequality crises. Right now, Labor offers billions in tax cuts to the rich, but is offering APS workers a real wage cut, even as we struggle to attract and retain staff. We're forced to enact decisions from successive governments that would rather protect corporate profits at the expense of working people and the liveability of our planet. Together, we can win a public sector that prioritises people over profits.

Members United won’t compromise on your standard of living. We need to take the fight to power. The out-of-touch Executive won’t do this. They’re too reluctant to stand up to the ALP. They have eroded the democratic structures of our union, leaving strategy to slow reactive polls. We will fight to enshrine the democratic right of workers to take industrial action. That’s more than “protected industrial action”.

Bold and dynamic democratic systems will reinvigorate our union movement. We will hold open, transparent Executive Committee meetings. We will hold mass member meetings and member plebiscites, and members will direct resources at the grassroots level. We will make more union official positions directly elected, putting power to choose your officials in your hands - not the EC's. We will protect the independence of the union, and commit not to hold elected positions in political parties while in union office.

Please contact me on 0403 832 415.

MUSCAT Brooke (The Melissa Donnelly Team)

Brooke MuscatI’m Brooke Muscat and I am running for election as CPSU National President.

I’ve worked in the CPSU for 20 years - as a National Organiser, Lead Organiser, ACT Regional Secretary, Deputy National President and now, as National President. I commenced my working life as a member in the ACT Government.

I have committed everything I have to fighting for union members – a privilege not lost on me.

My extensive experience has included leading national organising teams and bargaining and industrial campaigns in many agencies including Home Affairs and the Australian Border Force, Tax, Defence, the ABS, Courts, Veterans Affairs, Agriculture and the ACT Government.

I have worked closely with workplace leaders undertaking industrial action across operational agencies, lead a team of members through one of the most complex & protracted industrial action campaigns in our Union's history, and lead and won a campaign against visa privatisation.

I have worked alongside our Marine Unit delegates for over 18 years through incredibly difficult WH&S and industrial disputes securing a critical win on the Commuted Marine Allowance and years of back pay. And just this year, I worked with our members and delegates in ACT Government, delivering nation leading conditions for workers.

I’m proud of what our union has delivered and what we will deliver. And I’m proud to be running as part of Melissa Donnelly’s Team - a team that fights for and empowers members every day.

With your support, we can continue this good work into the future.


Candidates for Deputy National Presidents

MAYERS Adam (Members United)


A member since joining the public service, I represented workers as a delegate and Section Councillor in Health during the pandemic and recent ACT Government bargain.

Our union must fight as hard as other unions. In the ACT Government bargain, the teachers, services and other unions worked strategically right away, with rallies, member meetings and votes before bargaining had even begun! They got the goods: real wage rises and significant conditions improvements. The CPSU leadership in ACT Government never held a real rally, never followed through on strike action despite successful PABs, and consistently talked up conditions ‘wins’ to cover up failures on pay.

There has been a comprehensive failure in APS-wide strategy. The leadership is scrambling to organise PABs across agencies far too late, ignoring their own poll results in the process. Members taking strike action are forgoing pay under enormous pressure because the leadership never set up a strike fund. We needed to be prepared and on the front foot.

I have a track record of fighting for our union to take a different path. In Section Council, I tabled or supported successful motions for rallies, strike funds and to use ALP affiliation to pressure the government to table a better offer during the ACT bargain. The leadership was always too risk-averse to take these seriously.

Members United has a very simple message: if you don’t fight, you lose. I will bring rank-and-file perspectives and experience to Executive Committee and fight to win.

DEVINE-POULOS Bella (Members United)


The union consists of its members, not its officials. Our potential comes from the passion and willingness of the rank-and-file to organise together for the wages and conditions they deserve.

As a rank-and-file delegate, I’ve helped organise members. I’ve supported members to take industrial action and continue fighting for a better pay offer for the whole APS. I’ve led the charge for better accommodations for workers with disabilities.

The current leadership has failed to build member solidarity. They’ve failed to create opportunities for members across agencies and departments to communicate and organise with one another, limiting channels to express objections. It has lost opportunities to activate members and delegates by pulling the trigger late on protected action, wasting time lobbying MPs, and stage-managing members’ dissent.

I’m running as part of the Members United Team to foster a culture within our union of genuine participation and collaboration among the membership. I want to create a leadership that equips members with the tools and strategies to make meaningful and positive changes to our workplaces. Our vision is for a leadership that is aligned to the interests of its members, not any political party.

VINCENT-PIETSCH Beth (The Melissa Donnelly Team)

Beth Vincent-PietschMy name is Beth Vincent-Pietsch and I’m asking for your support for the role of CPSU Deputy President.

I have worked for the CPSU for 20 years, and I have been Deputy Secretary for the last decade.

I am a proud member of Melissa Donnelly’s team – a team that fights for and empowers members every day.

The CPSU has grown under Melissa’s exceptional leadership and achieved incredible change in such a short period of time. From championing Robodebt accountability, working on APS integrity and reducing labour hire and the overspend on contractors - the CPSU has fearlessly shone a light onto the dark corners of the APS and become a trusted source of truth and integrity.

We have campaigned with strength for improved conditions and pay in service-wide bargaining and made incredible progress in such a short period of time.

In recent years, I have lead significant campaigns on excessive workloads that led to job increases in chronically understaffed agencies, and I have been campaigning on discrimination against APS workers with a disability. This is something I plan on rolling out across the APS via the cross agency CPSU Accessibility Network.

There will continue to be opportunities to improve the working lives of members, and it would be a privilege to take up those fights alongside you.

I want to continue to lead my magnificent organising team, and to work with members and delegates as we join together to fight for improvements to people’s working lives across the APS.

HARRISON Matthew (The Melissa Donnelly Team)

Matthew HarrisonMy long-standing history with the CPSU spans more than 20 years, including when I was a member working in Centrelink. I then started at the CPSU in an organising support role, and never looked back.

I have proudly dedicated my career to improving peoples’ working lives.

I went on to become a CPSU organiser with responsibility for Telstra, AusPost, BOM and CSL, driving successful campaigns and fighting back against the prolific use of AWAs under WorkChoices in Telstra.

As a Lead Organiser for the ATO, I worked on revitalising delegate structures, led industrial action and secured a pivotal agency agreement during the Safeguard Campaign. Alongside ATO delegates and members we sparked union-wide political campaigns as we fought against outsourcing, and bolstered member retention post-bargaining.

As UnionsACT Secretary, I advised the ACT Government on WHS, workers compensation and procurement and helped secure WHS reforms including on Silica dust safety and extreme weather. And I was proud to drive a progressive pro-worker agenda.

In 2022, I gladly returned to the CPSU to again take up the fight, alongside our members and delegates, to rebuild and restore the APS.

I am a committed unionist, with over 20 years in the movement, driving complex and challenging industrial and WHS campaigns and I’m proud to be running as part of Melissa Donnelly’s Team - a team that fights for and empowers members every day.

It would be a privilege to continue to contribute to the great work of this union as CPSU Deputy President.


Dear CPSU Members,

I’m Jayden Roberson, and I'm excited to announce my candidacy for Vice President of the CPSU. As a former Services Australia graduate and current employee there, I've seen the dedication of our often-overlooked members in crucial roles within the public sector.

I have a clear vision for our union:

Political Independence and Accountability: I'm committed to reducing our reliance on political promises. It's time to strike a balance, leveraging political advocacy while prioritising the tangible needs and aspirations of our members. Candidates may claim independence but when they work or are a member of a party, are they truely independent? We can't solely rely on any one party; we must forge our own path.

Transparency and Member Engagement: The executive committee must become more transparent and responsive. I'll champion open forums, regular communication, and increased member involvement, creating a more democratic organisation that amplifies diverse voices.

Boosting Union Membership and Affordability: In this cost-of-living crisis, our union must remain accessible. I propose innovative campaigns to attract new members and adjust membership fees to reflect economic realities, while still maintaining our union’s financial stability. Every public sector worker should be able to afford union support.

In summary, I'm deeply committed to our CPSU's values. With your support, we can transform our union into one that truly serves the interests of its members. Voting for Jayden is a vote for positive change, a stronger, more responsive, and politically independent CPSU.

Thank you for your consideration.

In solidarity,
Jayden Roberson


Candidates for Deputy Secretary

BROWN Greg (Members United)


I’ve been a union delegate for over three decades. I’m campaigning for a union leadership that is engaged with, not removed from, the rank-and-file membership.

Members United are public service workers. We face the daily hardships you face at work: the bullying manager, the discipline of performance indicators, and the struggle to pay the rent or buy treats for the kids.

We have direct experience of the public service, we’re not career union officials. We help workers with flexible work arrangements and performance and disciplinary matters. We have worked on the ground to make our workplaces safe, and organised industrial action in the workplace during enterprise bargaining.

Member control is essential for a fighting, strategic union. The current campaign has not had the co-ordination needed to win. The campaign has been turned “off” then turned “on” like a faucet. This approach has failed to win real pay rises.

Business-as-usual cannot turn things around. It is important to have members with this kind of experience in the union leadership. We need a leadership that is truly from the rank-and-file, not career union officials that hold positions in the ALP.

I will be your Deputy Secretary. I have been active in the union for decades. After campaigning around workplace bullying and the organisational culture that facilitated Robodebt, I was elected as the smart centre worker representative to the Services Australia National Health and Safety Committee. I have been admitted as a legal practitioner.

FAWCETT Rebecca (The Melissa Donnelly Team)

Rebecca FawcettI’m Rebecca Fawcett and I’m running to be your Deputy Secretary.

I have been with the CPSU for nearly 22 years in organising and leadership roles, and for the last 9 years I have been the union’s Legal Director. I have a long history negotiating enterprise agreements and securing members’ rights in the Fair Work Commission across all membership areas, including the APS, broader public sector, and private sector areas.

This year I have sat at the negotiating table for the first round of APS-wide bargaining since the mid-1990s. Together with members, delegates and workplace leaders, we’ve delivered landmark conditions gains for all APS employees, such as ground-breaking rights to flexible work.

Outside of bargaining, I have worked with union members and workplace leaders to:

Win the first casual conversion dispute in Australia in the Fair Work Commission after the laws were changed, resulting in over 200 extra advertised ongoing roles in the ATO and over 400 in Services Australia.

Support members’ access to flexible work and working from home, including using a combination of research, negotiation, campaigning and Fair Work Act rights.

Increase union membership, including achieving substantial growth for each of the five years I was the National Organiser for Defence.

I’m passionate about advancing the workplace rights of all members, and ensuring those rights are followed in practice.

I’m proud to be running as part of Melissa Donnelly’s Team - a team that fights for and empowers members every day.

Together, there is much more to do. 


Candidates for Section Secretary


Maryam Khazaeli-DobsonVOTE 1 MEMBERS UNITED TEAM

VOTE 1 Maryam Khazaeli-Dobson for Section Secretary

VOTE 1 Christopher Warren for Governing Councillor

VOTE 2 Simon Butt for Governing Councillor

I’m a delegate in EPSDD and former Section Councillor for the Community Services Directorate. I’m running because I want to fight for a new strategic direction for the union.

I believe we need a new Section Secretary at the bargaining table and leading the Section Council. The latest bargaining round locked us into below-inflation pay increases. Nor have we achieved superannuation parity with the APS. For the past three agreements that I have seen bargained, our pay and conditions have continued to decline - it is time for change now. That means electing new leaders with fresh ideas.

I will fight against below-inflation pay offers. I worked with Christopher Warren, Simon Butt and other delegates in organising to turn out the ‘No’ vote in the CPSU member poll. I want to join with all of you and unite to build a majority within the CPSU who are opposed to settling on below-inflation pay offers.

We must take a new approach. We must build our capacity to strike and win if we are to get pay offers that are above inflation. It is unacceptable that CPSU members are going backward in their standard of living. We simply cannot afford to fold on another bad deal – I will fight to prevent that.

It's time to shake up the union – Vote 1 Members United Team.



Maria AmaroI’m Maria Amaro, running for re-election as ACT Section Secretary.

I became a member of the CPSU in 2010, as a workplace delegate and soon after ACT Government Section Secretary.

As Section Secretary, it has been a privilege to serve our membership alongside a committed and passionate section council, that represents all ACT CPSU members.

Representing our members in local individual matters and industrial matters for over 12

Years – represented you on selection panels, appeal panels, Workplace, Health, and Safety Committees, and negotiating your Enterprise agreements.

Taking up our union’s fight at the bargaining table as the only female Union leader, ensuring important workplace conditions are introduced or improved, and advocating the issues that were identified as important by our membership in their workplaces.

All our union’s greatest work starts by listening to members.

In the ACT, we have established some nation-leading improvements to working conditions, such as Disability, Gender Affirmation, and Reproductive leave, and significant access improvements to flex time and flexible work arrangements, as well as securing jobs for Canberrans.

As a CPSU member and Union leader who listens and leads from the workplace, I believe in being present for our members and hearing what is important to you on the ground, and in your workplaces.

There is always more to do to ensure safety and democracy in our workplaces, and I’m ready and committed to continue this vital work alongside you and represent you as members, I seek your support to be re-elected.


Candidates for Governing Councillor


Sean HambrookI’ve been a CPSU member for just under 20 years, joining during EBA negotiations back in 2004 as I felt I should contribute to those helping to negotiate my pay and conditions.

I have been a psychologist in public health for 14 years with a commitment to ensuring access to all in our community. As a delegate I have enjoyed working with the Union to support my workplace colleagues. I have been actively involved in EBA negotiations, collating members claims and working with the CPSU team to press the Government to improve their offer.

I have been visible in the workplace and been there to support staff in disputes.

I step up and push for the rights of members.

I have established relationships throughout Canberra Health Service (CHS) that has allowed me to provide input during disputes and feedback to manager forums.

Some of the most rewarding work recently has been giving members a voice during transition of Calvary Hospital to CHS. Working with our amazing delegates at Clare Holland House (CHH) and having their concerns heard by Government, which saw CHH come across to CHS in less than a week!

It has been great building relationships throughout our membership and being there to help,

knowing I can rely on the CPSU team to back us up.

My engagement in the workplace has seen our membership grow with new delegates appointed.

I am keen to see our members heard and to promote Union growth and solidarity.


BUTT Simon


VOTE 1 Christopher Warren for Governing Councillor

VOTE 2 Simon Butt for Governing Councillor

VOTE 1 Maryam Khazaeli-Dobson for Section Secretary

I’m a long-term member and delegate working in EPSDD and I endorse Christopher Warren, Maryam Khazaeli-Dobson and the Members United team.

I fought against settling on the below-inflation pay deal. In ACT Government bargaining. I worked with other EPSDD delegates and members to turn out to vote ‘No’ in the CPSU member poll – we fought against settling on a bad deal. Maryam and Chris did the same and we came close, with 49% of members voting to reject the core offer. If you believe that we need a majority in the CPSU that stands up to below-inflation pay offers, Chris, Maryam and I have led that fight in our workplaces and we are your candidates.

I believe that the CPSU needs to review what went wrong with bargaining. We need to critically reflect on this bad deal. We need to shake up the union because it’s the union that is supposed to win real pay rises for us. There has not been a pay offer that has met or exceeded inflation for far too long. We can’t keep doing the same thing and expecting different results. We haven’t had superannuation parity delivered despite it being on successive claims, and now our standard of living is declining.

We need to shake up the union – Vote 1 Members United Team.


WARREN Christopher


VOTE 1 Christopher Warren for Governing Councillor

VOTE 2 Simon Butt for Governing Councillor

VOTE 1 Maryam Khazaeli-Dobson for Section Secretary

Hi, I’m Chris. I’m your current Governing Councillor. I work in the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education Section in ACT Education. I’m a young unionist in my twenties – and I believe the CPSU must become a fighting union to bring in young people.

I led the opposition to settling on a below-inflation pay deal in ACT Government bargaining. I worked hard to get our Protected Action Ballots up. Then, when the CPSU leadership polled the membership on a below-inflation pay deal, I organised the campaign within the union that argued for a ’No’ vote. I worked with Section Councillors and delegates across Directorates to oppose settling on this deal. We came close, with 49% of members voting ‘No’. Many ‘Yes’ voters expressed they were unhappy with the deal also, but needed pay rises immediately.

The CPSU leadership didn’t properly communicate how bad the deal was. The leadership talked up conditions “wins” and deprioritised pay and superannuation in their messaging. Now, we must assert a democratic majority to fight for pay above inflation, both within the union and the broader workforce. If you are unhappy with the Agreement the CPSU signed - me, Maryam and Simon are your candidates.

I ask for your continued support as Governing Councillor – and for the Members United Team. We must change the CPSU leadership for a fighting union.



Bec AdamsI’m Bec Adams and I’m running for ACT Governing Councillor.

Simply put, union is in my DNA. Having been raised in a strong union household I know what it means to hold the line and push forward for our workers.

In my time as Section Councillor, I have held the line every time for our workforce, personally ensuring that sexual assault and harassment is a notifiable incident under WorkSafe ACT. This came into effect on 9 June 2023 after two years of advocacy.

But as we all know, it’s not done until it is done, and I have since petitioned WorkSafe to pursue the implementation of this industrial relations change across all workplaces in the ACT.

As an active leader in our union, I have worked with other members and delegates to advocate for disability leave in bargaining and delivered the final pitch to the IR Minister to support 5 days disability leave for our public servants that extended to 10 days in our last EA bargaining.

I have held the line on countless actions for staff, from the individual to the collective for the genuine protections of hard fought for and won IR rights, as well as challenged the status quo on the ever-increasing workload pressures on public servants.

If elected as Governing Councillor I will continue to work alongside members to improve the working lives of all public services workers in the ACT. I have no other agenda, than our members.


Candidates for Section Secretary


Wendy KelliherI will work hard for our interests, as proven. I have been an active workplace delegate for the Administrative Appeals Tribunal and since I joined the AAT in 2017 held roles from APS3 Hearing Attendant to EL1 Manager Procedures and Training (acting). I have fought for work health and safety, diversity, mental wellbeing and progression opportunities. As a delegate, I have supported comrades in workplace relations negotiations, advocated for better service wide pay in lobbying with a minister and represented CPSU members at agency-level bargaining for the AAT. Now I want to do the work for our Section – Courts and Tribunals.

I will deliver timely, meaningful communication and consultation to our Section’s Members and Delegates to help develop a union that is transparent and accountable to its members. This pattern of communication from me is evident currently with delegates and members at the AAT nationally. My formal qualifications and experience leave me well equipped to collaborate and consult, including on complex issues of law and policy in the workplace, to make understanding issues and options accessible.

I will prioritise an informed and connected membership base, to deliver increased democracy in our union, with improved solidarity and unity of CPSU members within our Section, extending across agencies with the intention of building a better union with CPSU members empowered to self-determine outcomes of negotiations in line with their own interests, democratically.

I seek your vote for Section Secretary, and that you consider supporting the Members United candidates.



Marko CasuleHi, my name is Marko Casule and I am the current Section Secretary for Courts and Tribunals.

I was supported into this position by CPSU members in 2019 and ask that you vote for me so I can keep working for you.

I graduated from Macquarie University in 2007 with a Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Laws and have worked in the Federal Circuit & Family Court for the past 14 years.

I am a strong workplace leader and have fought for members on a variety of issues including disputes with management, access to workplace rights and in growing CPSU membership.

From 2014-2018 I fought for members in Enterprise Bargaining negotiations with management. In that effort I helped organise multiple rounds of industrial action, including the first general strike in the Court’s history.

We ultimately took that fight to the Fair Work Commission where I represented staff and won an unprecedented victory moving the pay offer from 0% to 7% over 3 years and an improvement in conditions.

I am currently leading the CPSU bargaining team in negotiations with management for the new Enterprise Agreement. We have been making great progress, and great outcomes are possible, but I need your vote to stay in this position and finish the job!

I ask for your vote so I can keep fighting for members, advocating for our section and achieving a great outcome for all of us with significant improvements in the new agreement.


Candidates for Section President

KENSY Andrew

Andrew KensyI am seeking your support for election as the CPSU Section President for Home Affairs.

I have been with Home Affairs since DIAC days, in a number of roles including status resolution, citizenship, protection visa processing, and am now in the settlement team.

I joined the union during induction and became a delegate during Enterprise Agreement negotiations in 2011. Since then, I have been elected Section Councillor and Governing Councillor, and with nearly thirteen years’ experience, I’m ready to stand as Home Affairs Section President.

As a delegate, I’ve represented and advocated for individual members, participated in the National Staff Consultative Committee, given evidence before a Parliamentary committee, met with MPs to lobby for workers’ rights, and have been part of a great team of delegates and councillors.

As a member of the bargaining team, I’m working to improve our conditions and work life balance and have contributed to many of the conditions that will see us all benefit from a significantly improved working environment.

Establishing and enforcing the new rights we will have in our EA will occasionally be challenging, and I am confident that I am able to represent members to ensure that we all have access to these greatly improved conditions.

I understand that our membership is as diverse as the community we serve, and I will continue to seek your input as we continue to campaign on issues you care about such as staffing caps, efficiency dividends, permanent jobs and our working conditions and pay.



I have worked in Home Affairs, the ABF and their predecessors for over 10 years. I’ve been a health and safety representative, a union delegate, and am currently representing departmental ACT staff on our Section Council. I’m passionate about our workplace and advocating for our workers.

I have a track record of uplifting members’ voices. As a staff rep on the Department’s National Health and Safety Committee, I have worked hard to ensure that it became a forum for discussion, negotiation and accountability – not just a tick-and-flick exercise. The psychosocial risks associated with our work means it’s critical we’re taking health and safety seriously.

I have been an advocate for transparency and member-led democracy throughout negotiations, most recently as part of the agency-level bargaining team. I have attended every members meeting possible and have, in turn, sought to give members access to as much information as possible as negotiations proceed. I promise to continue to promote this ethos across all parts of our union in Home Affairs.

I am supporting Members United, because I believe that our union needs to focus more on members working together to achieve much needed wins on pay and conditions - and less on ALP internal politics. Fresh ideas and energy are needed to ensure the union can be the thriving voice for public servants. I know I can lift your voices in this role and I ask you place your trust in me through your vote.


Candidates for Section Secretary

KIBBY Leigh (Doc)

Hello Colleagues,

The following is my request for your vote in the upcoming election for CPSU Council roles for the National Disability Insurance Agency.

I have been a fearless advocate for your interests and wellbeing in all my Agency dealings combined with a commitment to the highest standards by the Agency and those who represent you as Councillors. This has been combined with an empathy for all and ability to listen to, and work for, your needs. I also have a special interest in the needs of employees of diversity, LGBTIQA+, disability and mature age.

My ethics are strong and I do not fear confronting tough issues and lead where necessary. But, first and foremost, I want to empower your voice and walk beside you as a colleague who listens and acts for you and with you. I will also walk in front when you need me to lead and take a stance. I will also be a support when you need me.

As a Councillor I have demonstrated that I strive for the best from my fellow Councillors as I believe we must perform to the same standards we expect of management as this will make us better.

Finally, my deep commitment has been demonstrated in my ongoing work helping members and direct coaching of a number of your colleagues. By voting for me, you support these efforts, my care for all of you and what I offer as a strong advocate and campaigner with professional standards and knowhow.



Paul WrayI am Paul Wray and I’m running to be your Section Secretary.

I have a lifelong disability and have worked in the NDIA for the past 5 years.

I have represented members on your section council since 2019, and been your Governing Councillor since 2022.

I am proud to have fought hard for improved rights and conditions in the NDIA, and played a leading role in:

  • The CPSU’s Every KPI is a Person campaign leading to ComCare finding the NDIA in breach of the Work Health and Safety Act.
  • Breaching the NDIA’s ASL staffing cap and winning 1000’s of secure jobs.
  • Defending our right to work from home through a Fair Work dispute.
  • Winning fair work disputes on Flex, workload reviews and consultation rights.
  • Developing a comprehensive bargaining claim for members.
  • Bargaining with the NDIA to win further conditions for members.
  • Pushing for disability leave to be adopted by the NDIA.
  • Setting up the CPSU’s Accessibility Network to advocate for disability rights across the APS.

There is, of course, a lot more work to do. But together, we can continue to build a strong union to fight for a safe and inclusive workplace.

If elected I will advocate tirelessly for:

  • Safe workloads for all members.
  • Conversion of contractors and secure, APS jobs for our members.
  • A model workplace that respects the rights of staff with disabilities.

I will work collaboratively as Section Secretary to ensure that the voice of every member is heard, taking our union from strength to strength.



Hi, I'm Bettina and I have been your Section Secretary since 2019. I have worked tirelessly over the last 4 years to:

  1. Deliver massive wins for members both in the day-to-day and in bargaining.
  2. Always put CPSU members and participants first.
  3. Represent and advocate for every single member.
  4. Develop and maintain excellent working relationships with NDIA management.
  5. Foster our expansion and maturity as a union to become the strong, professional, and respected union we are today.

As a woman living with disability, the work we do at the NDIA is very close to my heart. I see my role in the union as one where I improve the conditions for our workers, so we can deliver the best Scheme for our participants.

A few of the many examples of wins I have achieved for members are:

  1. Same job, same pay for labour hire workers
  2. $100k of backpay for overtime meal allowance
  3. Expanding Broadbanding to National Delivery, and
  4. Workload reviews for all staff.

The relationships I've built and maintained with the Agency over the past 4 years have been critical in achieving the above wins. We achieved so much in the face of our former CEO who was unsupportive of the union I want to lead us over the next 3 years where I know we can achieve so much more for our workers and participants.

I will continue to act with the highest integrity as I lead our members through bargaining.


Candidates for Governing Councillor


Simon SmithI am Simon Smith, and I am honoured to stand as a candidate for CPSU Governing Councillor. With a decade of dedicated at the NDIA, four years as a union delegate, two years as section councillor, and two years as Chair of the CPSU Accessibility Council. As someone with a disability, I have experienced and witnessed firsthand the challenges faced by employees with disabilities.

For this reason, I proposed the creation of the CPSU Accessibility Council to Section Council, which was fully supported. Through the work I’ve done as chair of the Accessibility Council and the work by members of the council for the 1st time in bargaining we have requested specific provisions for staff with disabilities including disability leave - a 1st in the APS.

It’s clear that we must take decisive action to improve career progression, employment opportunities, and working conditions for these valued members of our workforce.

By electing me, you are giving the voices of employees with disabilities a seat at the table to better fight for improved working conditions.

By improving conditions for employees with disability we improve conditions for all members.

I will advocate tirelessly for the rights and well-being of our members with disabilities and all members. Let us work hand in hand to ensure that the CPSU remains at the forefront of championing the rights of all members.

Thank you for considering me as your candidate. I look forward to the opportunity to serve you and our dedicated CPSU members.


KIBBY Leigh (Doc)

Hello Colleagues,

The following is my request for your vote in the upcoming election for CPSU Council roles for the National Disability Insurance Agency.

I have been a fearless advocate for your interests and wellbeing in all my Agency dealings combined with a commitment to the highest standards by the Agency and those who represent you as Councillors. This has been combined with an empathy for all and ability to listen to, and work for, your needs. I also have a special interest in the needs of employees of diversity, LGBTIQA+, disability and mature age.

My ethics are strong and I do not fear confronting tough issues and lead where necessary. But, first and foremost, I want to empower your voice and walk beside you as a colleague who listens and acts for you and with you. I will also walk in front when you need me to lead and take a stance. I will also be a support when you need me.

As a Councillor I have demonstrated that I strive for the best from my fellow Councillors as I believe we must perform to the same standards we expect of management as this will make us better.

Finally, my deep commitment has been demonstrated in my ongoing work helping members and direct coaching of a number of your colleagues. By voting for me, you support these efforts, my care for all of you and what I offer as a strong advocate and campaigner with professional standards and knowhow.


Candidates for Governing Councillor


Amelio SarcheseVote 1 - Amelio Sarchese - Governing Councillor CPSU/DAFF

Dear CPSU Members

I am writing to you to seek your support to be elected as Governing Councillor. I am honest, experienced and transparent, and I care about your rights.

If elected I will sort out the Superannuation miscalculation debacle and fix any other payslip and pay related errors for you:

  • I will set up a Taskforce to ensure the correct application of all salary and allowances for Superannuation and take-home pay is calculated correctly.*
  • I will also do a cost benefit analysis on political donations to ensure the $80.08m received from the sale of CPSU House is not wasted and is used to ensure you get value for money for your union fees.*

Now more than ever with the high cost of living it’s important that you elect someone who is working for you.

I am here to help, and I will put members like you first. What else would you like me to do? Let me know.

Please contact me on m: 0410 410 877 or email [email protected]

I am a long-standing Workplace Delegate stepping up to become an elected official as I am passionate about making unions relevant to the lives of workers.

I am ethical and honest and have all of our interests at the forefront.

In Unity
Amelio Sarchese

1Colliers International website
*Funding for these initiatives will not be taken from your Union fees, rather from the funds of the sale of CPSU house and political donations



Graeme StewartMy name is Graeme Stewart and I have been a Governing Councillor for the last two and a half years, a delegate for the past ten years and a Biosecurity inspector for twenty-two years.

During that time, I have been committed to advocating for and representing CPSU members.

As a Governing Councillor:

  • I led the campaign to transfer 230 non-ongoing staff to permanent public servants.
  • I have advocated on behalf of labour hire staff, including directly to the DAFF Secretary, to ensure they receive the same conditions and pay as the public servants they’re working alongside.
  • I’ve had a razor light focus over two years fighting for reviews of the Outdoor Working Allowance resulting in an agreement from Workplace Relations that it would be processed through AURION timesheets and paid to those who are entitled to it.
  • Worked with a team of HSRs to recognise sulfuryl fluoride not being detected by the PIDS the Department had claimed would protect staff from exposure to this toxic fumigant. The MUA joined the CPSU in an action that led to safer workplace for members.

It has been a privilege to be a member of the CPSU bargaining team, advocating at the table for better pay and conditions.

I am proud of my track record of putting members first and of representing your views vehemently on Governing Council.

I want to continue to deliver for you, so ask that you vote for me as your candidate for Governing Council.


Candidates for Section Secretary


David WatersonI’m David Waterson, but everyone calls me Dave.

I have loved aviation since I was a child, with my father being in the RAAF. I joined the RAAF Cadets, then Reserves and then spent 15yrs as a Radio Technician in the RAAF, working across airfields in Australia & overseas.

I resigned in 2000 and went to the private sector, to see how the other side lives, but missed the public service life. In 2013, I applied to join ASA (Air Services Australia) as a Technical Officer and immediately joined CPSU.

As a member of CPSU for more than 10yrs and Aviation Section Secretary since 2014, I have served with pride in my successive tenures of Aviation Section Secretary with the support of Aviation members nationwide.

I have supported members across Australia through two EA negotiations and am about to go into a third round with ASA - exciting, tough and hopefully rewarding.

Under a Liberal Government in 2016, I fought back on outsourcing of ASA Commonwealth Employee positions. Humble CPSU representatives against ASA and their mighty lawyers in FWC. We succeeded in saving 63 of 79 positions.

I work with other aviation bodies and associated unions, assisting with questions/issues that come across my desk from outside my area. I am always here to help.

I ask for your support for Aviation Section Secretary, so I can continue to support and assist anyway I can, across the length and breadth of this wonderful country of ours.

In unity
Dave W.




I’m a long-time public servant currently working at the Australian Maritime Safety Authority. I’m running for Section Secretary because I want a union that reflects the needs and voices of the membership – whether those members are part of a large Department or a small agency.

CPSU members want a union that fights for better pay and conditions for its members. CPSU members want a union that will have their back when they need advocacy in the workplace. CPSU members want access to real industrial advice and support. That’s the union I will fight for as your Section Secretary.

We need meaningful change in our union leadership. Right now, members have lost faith in the CPSU to stand up to Government during service-wide bargaining. A Members United ticket will make sure that every public sector worker – even workers in small, non-APS agencies, like me – has the support of their union.

The CPSU’s failures in service-wide bargaining impact workers in non-APS agencies, where many of us work. The outcomes of our bargaining will be directly tied to APS outcomes – and yet the CPSU haven’t been listening to us on the pay deal. Let’s work together to make sure that never happens again.

We cannot wait until the next round of bargaining, and the next massive decline in real wages, before taking action.

I will fight for an equitable union that puts the needs and voices of members first – no matter where they work. 


Candidates for Section Secretary


Tamsin AnspachI'm a Delegate and a HSR working as an Electorate Officer in MoPS (Members of Parliament Staff).

I've always been a union member, but it was the Jenkins Review which made me want to get more involved. Now our workplace in MoPS is undergoing a period of immense reform. The support of the CPSU has been crucial for empowering MoPs workers during consultation on these reforms, and together we have built solidarity amongst worker representatives from across the political spectrum.

We're a very broad and diverse Section. We're comprised of eight agencies: Comcare, the Fair Work Commission, the Australian Electoral Commission, MoPS, the Office of Fair Work Ombudsman, Safe Work Australia, Fair Work Building and Construction, and the Asbestos Safety and Eradication Agency. Each of these agencies has a unique experience of working in the APS and deserve a strong voice within the CPSU.

I'm putting my hand up and asking for your vote. I want to ensure that the voices of all our agencies are heard at the Governing Council and I will put in the work to develop feedback structures with you, that meet you where you are, and deliver what you need from a Section Secretary.

I've been fighting hard for members in MoPS and now I'd appreciate the privilege to work hard for all the members in our Section.




At the Fair Work Ombudsman, Sam Ramsay and I have led a passionate, united and growing delegate group — and we hope you’ll support us to continue that work as your Section Secretary and Governing Councillor team.

Our group’s strength has let us stand beside Services Australia to take industrial action in response to the latest poor pay offer from the government.

We are a very diverse section and the challenges Fair Work Inspectors face will be worlds apart from those of political staffers.

But our diversity is our strength. We are not born with the knowledge of how to reform and lead our workplaces. We learn from each other, from our mentors, friends, colleagues and allies.

As Section Secretary I will:

  • Establish a Section Council for consistent knowledge and power sharing
  • Assist members with workload reviews in their agencies, branches and teams
  • Help members run workplace health and safety concerns regarding psychosocial risks, excessive workloads and local issues.
  • Ensure our section members are consulted on union wide issues and genuinely represented at Governing Council
  • Regularly communicate updates from across our section and the service

Our section contains the largest density of industrial relations experts in the public service - we can be the beating heart of union knowledge and power in the CPSU.

Please contact me with any questions you may have on 0428 999 964.


Candidates for Governing Councillor


At the Fair Work Ombudsman, Sean McCarthy and I have led a passionate, united and growing delegate group towards industrial action. As the incumbent Section Secretary, I have made a choice to endorse Sean McCarthy for the Section Secretary role and run for the Governing Counsellor position because I want to change the role of Governing Counsellor to ensure it allows all members of the section to access Governing Council.

I am a long term and dedicated unionist, both as a member, and industrial officer at the NTEU and IEU. I want to use my experience to give back. I am an employment lawyer by trade and have a masters degree in Global and European Labour Law. This gives me a solid understanding of the technicalities of the position (and Industrial Relations the world over). I can bring this expertise to the position of Governing Counsellor. As a lover of a good industrial dispute, I’ll have a fight where needed.

Our section is one of the most diverse in the CPSU, ranging from members of parliamentary services to the AEC. All members in our section have unique issues (as well as some shared) and they deserve to have those represented. I hope I am the right person to do that. I will continue to try to engage with our broader membership and represent their key issues. I will also continue to build relationships outside of our section to make sure the CPSU is the best union it can be.



Phil BrennanI’m Phil Brennan and I’m running for Governing Councillor.

I have been a member of the CPSU since joining the APS in 2002. In that time, I have held a number of union roles, including being a delegate, consultative committee member and health and safety rep.

In each of these roles I have sought the best outcomes for my fellow members.

Twice I have had the opportunity to take up fixed term contracts to work as an organiser with the CPSU. While filling in for permanent staff who were on extended leave, I got the chance to see the union operate across a number of agencies and departments. A highlight was supporting Veterans Affairs members taking industrial action for the first time. I got to see firsthand how the union office works, the incredible work and dedication of the staff there and learnt ways I could maximise outcomes in the workplace.

I moved to the Fair Work Commission in 2009. I regularly agitated for staff/union representation outside of head office in Melbourne. FWC management realised this was important and agreed to new rules that meant that at least one representative on the Staff Consultative Committee needed to be outside Melbourne.

I am currently enjoying the privilege of representing members at the bargaining table. I have had the advantage of working with a wide array of amazing union members here at the commission and in previous agencies (OEA, WPA, FWO). Teamwork is the key to achieving good outcomes for our members.


Candidates for Section President



Vote 1 Greg Brown for Section President

Vote 1 Henry Hao Luo for Section Secretary

Hi, I’m Greg. I’m a Customer Services Representative in Services Australia. In 2020, I ran for this position because I was concerned that the CPSU leadership were not up to the task of fighting to win real outcomes for our members. I take no joy in the fact that the last three years have proven those concerns well-founded.

Members United stand for a union leadership that is engaged, not removed from, the rank-and-file. We have worked on the ground to help workers with flexible work arrangements, performance and disciplinary matters, and worked to make our workplaces safer. If elected we will organise for workers to have a stronger hand in the workplace.

Members United has argued for an approach that can win. When the incumbents sought to get the deal done after the second pay offer, Members United pushed for: a NO vote; concerted recruiting; protected action ballots to be organised across other departments; and for a strike fund to offset the income losses of Services Australia members.

Members United stand for rank-and-file control. Members United have argued for mass members’ meetings so that you and your co-workers can determine the course of bargaining. This can become APS-wide industrial action.

Business as usual in the CPSU won’t cut it anymore. Vote 1 Members United and shake up your union so it delivers for you.

MILLS Gareth

Gareth MillsVote 1 Gareth Mills: Section President Services Australia

A CPSU member since 1993, I am seeking your support for re-election to the role of Section President for Services Australia.

There have been three big issues for 2023.

Bargaining: Together with Section Secretary Emma White, I have worked diligently to meet with thousands of members in workplaces and online. Together, we have developed a great bargaining claim through those meetings. The claim that we are now prosecuting through bargaining is the result of many thousands of members working together.

Safety: Everyone deserves to come home safe at the end of the day. The terrible attacks on our colleagues affect us all. Through the Ashton Review, I have advocated the clear need to dramatically improve safety in our workplace.

Staffing: Our workplace is facing the serious challenge of staffing cuts. We all know how this affects our customers, but adequate staffing is also critical to a safe workplace. I am committed to strongly advocating on this serious problem to management and to government. The work has begun but there is more to do.

I have been able to meet with so many of you over the last 12 months, particularly through developing and representing your bargaining claim. I hope you can see in my actions a dedication to clearly communicating what is going on, to listening to your feedback, to representing your concerns and building unity and strength. I hope I can count on your support in this election.

Candidates for Section Secretary

LUO Henry Hao


I am proud to be a multilingual unionist, fighting tirelessly for essential issues like remote work flexibility, fair pay matching inflation, diversity and inclusion.

My selection as a finalist for the 2023 Australia-China Community Service Award demonstrates my dedication to fostering civic engagement and building resilient communities. This experience has allowed me to connect community needs to the mission of unionism and the importance of building a fighting union for all.

Service-wide bargaining is a crucial long-term strategy for our union, yet we're facing below-inflation pay offers. It's evident that we need new leadership and a solid plan for victory. We have reached a critical juncture, and I believe change is vital.

With a background as a certified project management professional for nearly two decades, I've worked across diverse policy areas. This experience has shown me the power of collective action and the importance of an inclusive union led by its members.

I've fought for essential workers who deserve better pay, and I'm running for Section Secretary to democratise our union and create real change in our workplaces and society. Together, as members united, we'll lead our union to a brighter future. Visit our website at, and feel free to contact me at 0467 753 777.


Emma WhiteI’m Emma White and I’m seeking your support to continue as CPSU Section Secretary for Services Australia.

I have worked in the agency for over 19 years in face to face, telephony, processing, objections and now as a Decision Maker. I have been a member of the CPSU the entire time.

Representing you and dedicating myself to the exceptional work of our union has been a privilege, but I’m far from done.

I have the energy, experience, and skills to continue leading a team dedicated to fighting for what we deserve – safe, secure, respected, well paid and high-quality public service jobs.

I’ve led the 2011, 2014 and 2023 Services Australia bargaining teams, and I’m part of the 2023 APS Bargaining team. I have spoken to a great number of you over my years as Section Secretary at town hall meetings, workplace meetings, teleconferences and more recently online.

I often represent and advocate on member issues at the National Consultative Committee, at Parliament, the Fair Work Commission, Senate Committees, and in our community.

Our membership is as diverse as the community we serve, and I will continue to seek your input as we continue to campaign on the issues you care about such as staff safety, workloads, permanent jobs and our working conditions and pay.

I’m proud to be part of Melissa Donnelly’s Team - a team that fights for and empowers members every day, and I ask for your support to continue in the role of Services Australia Section Secretary.


Candidates for Governing Councillor


I am a natural leader. An accountant and a former teacher, I am organised and excel in public speaking. I speak three languages, am very astute and have integrity.

I have demonstrated ability to represent and protect the industrial interests of workers, and I have successfully organised workers to take industrial action. I recently successfully led workers in the Gungahlin worksite to walk off the job. In my capacity as an ACT senior delegate, I have consistently worked to further and protect the industrial interests of the Union.

I am extremely successful in recruiting workers to join the CPSU. I was formally recognised by the National Secretary on two occasions for my promotion and membership drive, both within the ACT but also throughout Services Australia.

Able to de-escalate issues, I have also acted as a representative or witness for a member in workplace matters.

In meetings, I am always prepared and doesn’t hesitate to ask difficult questions to management representatives. I speak truth to power. Being courageous, when workers were asked not to raise issues of the Minister during a worksite visit, I briefed the Minister of our issues in front of senior management and followed through to ensure those issues were addressed. This took persistence and resilience in the face of adversity.

I canvass workers to identify matters of concern. My policy priority is to ensure ACT membership grows and members thoughts and opinions are heard. I actively campaign to increase the membership benefits and reduce fees.

POWERS Franklin

I have decided to run for Governing council as I have been a delegate for 2 years and want to take my learnings from the state of unionism that I’ve observed and translate them into actions with respect to how our union is run.

I feel that the union has become distracted from its core mission and is undertaking activities that divide its membership and dissuade non-members from joining. My idea of a perfect union is one that stays in its lane – fights for workers’ rights and conditions – but does not get involved in other issues including political ones. I would like to see significantly lower fees to make membership more accessible for people, as we all know the more members we have, the more powerful we are.

I believe there are better and more efficient and effective ways that we can get the job of representing workers done. Please vote for me if you agree!

Franklin Powers


Candidates for Governing Councillor

LUO Henry Hao


I'm pleased to be a bilingual unionist who works relentlessly to advance important causes like flexibility for remote work, a salary that keeps up with inflation, diversity and inclusion.

My nomination as a finalist for the 2023 Australia-China Community Service Award exemplifies my commitment to promoting civic engagement and creating resilient communities. Through this experience, I was able to establish a connection among the community's needs, the aspirations for solidarity, and the value of creating a strong union for everyone.

There are pay offers that are below inflation. We are at a turning point, and I believe change is critical. As a certified project management professional and a dedicated rank-and-file union member, I have been taking on leadership roles and advocating for fellow members. My journey has shown me the union's potential and the areas where we need improvement.

Our Member Service Centre (MSC) is doing a great job, but resources are stretched thin. Delegates often bear the burden of individual caseload work due to delays in receiving effective industrial advice from the MSC. It's time to invest properly in the MSC, empowering delegates and members. Beyond growing the union, we need to focus on delivering real outcomes for our members.

Together, we can strengthen our union and secure a brighter future for all members. Join me in advocating for change, visit our website for more information at, and feel free to contact me at 0467 753 777.


My name is Ikini Frape and I am seeking your support to continue as Services Australia Governing Councillor for NSW.

I have worked in Services Australia with Child Support and Centrelink for over 18 years. I commenced in Child Support on telephones and held managerial, technical and review roles since then in both Child Support and currently in Centrelink as an Authorised Review Officer.

I joined the Union 15 years ago as a delegate and have been your Governing Councillor for NSW since 2018. During that time, I have lobbied politicians, raised disputes with the Agency, supported, spoken with and represented hundreds of members across many sites and lead strikes and stop works and bargaining campaigns. I believe firmly that our staff have the right to a safe workplace, secure jobs and that our work should be not just recognised, but valued. We have served Australia during a pandemic and disasters. That work is vital to every Australian and should be recognised appropriately by both the Agency and Government.

I am currently a member of your bargaining team for the Agency negotiations. I am a proud member of the National Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander committee working hard to support and improve outcomes for ATSI staff within the APS.

With your support I hope to continue my work to serve the diverse community within Services Australia, to improve our work environment including safety at work, increased staffing levels with more permanent jobs and better pay and conditions.


Candidates for Governing Councillor


Renea McCauleyHello, I’m Renea McCauley. I started with the department in 2006 and it’s been quite a ride over the last 17 years with all the changes we have seen, from how we do our jobs to the merger of three entitles into one. I have also been proudly serving CPSU members as Section Councillor since 2009.

Over my time with Services Australia, I have worked mainly in customer service, I started in EMS telephony and now in age processing. I understand that our jobs can be pretty complex and the pressure we often face. We are constantly dealing with changes in our roles and duties and it often feels like there is never enough training. I know that Services Australia are constantly expecting staff to do more with less and I want to change that.

I know that as your Governing Councillor, working alongside the experienced team of Emma White, Gareth Mills and Matthew Harrison and the Melissa Donnelly Team, I can help make the agency listen to its staff.

I promise to be a strong voice for our staff, I’ll make sure the agency hears what we have to say and takes our needs seriously. Through my work as Section Councillor I have worked on a multitude of campaigns, and have appeared in Fairwork representing members' concerns around the agency devaluing our work.

So here’s the deal, I am Renea McCauley, With your support we will continue working towards making our agency a better place for all.



I've been a rank-and-file union member everywhere I’ve worked since I was 16, and a CPSU member since I started with DHS in 2019. Through fires, floods, and pandemics, I have worked at the coalface, dealing directly with customers. I’ve had managers bully me, customers threaten me, and workloads inundate me, but I’ve never done it alone. Through engaging and building community that supports and encourages members to participate in their union, providing strength and power, I have found footing within the delegate role to fight for those around me and those to come.

The CPSU has had ample opportunity to take strong action since service-wide bargaining began. A soft approach has only served to disenfranchise members, muddy the waters of what we are fighting for, and rely solely on the strength of an already overworked workforce. It is time the CPSU empowered its members to be the heart of the union again, a guiding force to deliver better outcomes across the APS now and in the future. Together, we can bring about democratic reform and equip members and delegates with the resources to shape our union into the mighty force it should be.

I am running for Governing Council and supporting Members United because I believe that the strength of a union lies in its members, and members should be empowered to have their say in the function and future of their union through rank-and-file organising and democracy.


Candidates for Governing Councillor


Scott PlimptonI’m Scott Plimpton and I am asking for your support for re-election as CPSU Governing Councillor (Tasmania).

I have been a workplace delegate since 2017 in the National Business Gateway at 188 Collins Street. In that time I have advocated for member comrades with workplace queries, disciplinary matters and as a support person.

I was first elected Governing Councillor in 2020. Since then I have strongly represented our members at the highest level of our union. I am closely involved with the current round of APS and Agency Bargaining. As a Bargaining Support Team member and in day to day activities I always advocate a strong position for CPSU members’ pay, workplace rights and conditions.

In 2018, I was elected as HSR. Over this time I have found solutions to issues as well as highlighted deficiencies and hazards, especially during Covid. Having the support of and the extra HSR training provided by the CPSU as Delegate and HSR has made me a more effective advocate.

I regularly participate in union activities such as rallies and forums.

We have some thirty workplace Delegates throughout the state. I regularly communicate, pass on materials and provide advice to them on member and other matters in conjunction with our Organiser and the Regional State Secretary, both of whom I have a very productive relationship with. I am proud of the work that our Delegates do in their respective patches.

Please contact me and have a chat:

sc[email protected] (SPP809) or 0404478938.

In unity
Scott Plimpton


Anders RussellThe CPSU has the potential to be better - an active, fighting union, driven by an engaged membership. I believe that Members United represents the best opportunity we have at becoming that union. I have proudly been a member for six years, joining late in my career, inspired by a former Governing Councillor whose passion and conviction introduced me to a union I wish had been part of my journey from day one.

I commenced with Centrelink in 2006 and have worked in multiple states across inbound call work, processing, outreach, service centres, and now corporate support. I have seen the ways that staff and our customers have been failed by decades of Agreements that allowed insecure work to be normalised and lost ground on pay and conditions.

The current CPSU leadership is failing its members. We have the opportunity of whole-of-APS bargaining for the first time in nearly 30 years. A chance to deliver real outcomes for tens of thousands in a time of enormous economic strain and precarity. We should not be settling for scraps from the table, but building membership and driving a stronger bargain backed by a stronger union.

I am running for Governing Council because I want to be part of the movement shaping the CPSU into a union that focuses on delivering real outcomes for our members. Together, as Members United, we'll lead our union to a brighter future. Visit our website at and feel free to contact me at 0431 962 114.