Job security is a cornerstone in addressing cost of living pressures.

Here's what we want

Scrap the APS staffing caps and increase staffing

COALITION POLICY: Staffing caps still apply at the portfolio level. Small increases to staff levels, but still large numbers of workers employed via labour hire. Late news: 5,500 jobs will be cut through an efficiency dividend cut announced on the eve of the election.
ALP POLICY: Scrap the staffing cap Over 1,000 new service delivery jobs Increase permanent staffing levels across APS by cutting spending on labour hire and consultants.

Secure APS jobs for workers on casual and labour hire contracts.

COALITION POLICY: Labour hire makes up average of 20% of workers in the APS and has been as high as 50% in some agencies.
ALP POLICY: Will work with CPSU on an insecure work audit to identify labour hire, casual & contract roles that should be converted to ongoing APS jobs. Apply the same “same job - same pay principle” for labour hire.

Cut spending on consultants and rebuild APS capability

COALITION POLICY: Continuation of use of consultants and contractors – running at record levels of over $2m per day in new contracts.
ALP POLICY: Cut consultant spending by 10% per year. Invest money saved on permanent APS jobs and capability Require consultant contracts to have skills and knowledge transfer to public service – to build APS skills and reduce reliance on consultants..

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