After two years of the COVID pandemic and one workload surge after another, your CPSU Health and Safety Representatives (HSRs) across Services Australia believe mental health in the workplace needs to be prioritised.

Workers in Services Australia face a range of psychosocial hazards, with issues ranging from workload and work demands to dealing with customer aggression and violent and traumatic experiences.

Sharing your views in the Mindset Matters survey will assist CPSU delegates, workers and your elected HSR's to identify and address the issues that matter most to you and inform the next steps in our campaign.

HSRs and CPSU WHS experts will be looking to then work systematically with Services Australia to reduce the risks you face.

You can access the survey here

There's also some resources for your workplace: Mindset Matters Survey Poster  | Mindset Matters Survey Flyer  | Mindset Matters Survey Shareable  | Mindset matters email footer

If you have an immediate issue or concern, please speak with your delegate, email cpsu.[email protected] or call the CPSU Member Service Centre on 1300 137 636.

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Mindset Matters fact sheets

  1. Bullying and harassment
  2. Customer agression
  3. Insecure work
  4. Low role clarity and role conflict
  5. Taking leave
  6. Workplace stress
  7. Mindset Matters: Making workplace mental health a priority (full set)