Australia’s public service supports us through tough times and innovates for our future. It is there for all of us, helping us create and maintain a society that is fair and equal for all Australians.

But years of cuts to secure public service jobs and unfair bargaining policies have taken their toll, while the overuse of expensive consultants, contractors and outsourcing to labour hire companies has grown to levels never seen before.

A recipe to restore our Public Service

A senate committee has just released its report on the capability of the Australian Public Service.The report details the damage this Coalition Government has inflicted on the capability capacity of our public services to provide for all Australians.

The good news is that the 35 recommendations from the senate committee report provide the recipe to restore the strong, innovative, and helpful public service that we deserve.

What you can do 

APS Capability Forum

Join committee chair and Labor Senator for New South Wales, Tim Ayres and CPSU National Secretary Melissa Donnelly to discuss the report, which takes a deep dive into the key issues facing the APS, and draws heavily on the evidence of CPSU members, academics, and independent experts.

The forum will take place via Zoom on Wednesday 8 December 2021 at 6:30pm AEDT - register here.

Sign our petition

Tell Minister Ben Morton and the Morrison Government to support strong and capable public services and implement ALL the recommendations of the report. 

It's been a long year - even Minister Morton must be feeling it.

So to end it off on a positive note, why not send Ben your favourite holiday recipe too? There's space on the petition to add one. Here's one to give you inspiration:

Olive's SECURE JOBS trifle

● Sponge cake ● Jam ● 1/2 to 3/4 cup of sherry ● 3/4 pint of jelly ● Fruit (not mangoes – it won’t set) ● Custard ● Cream ● Chopped and toasted walnuts

  1. Cut up the sponge and spread with jam (you can also use a swiss roll)
  2. Moisten with sherry
  3. Pour over jelly and fruit
  4. When set, pour over the custard and then add the whipped cream
  5. Top with the walnuts 

Recipes for Ben