Greg is in the top row, second from the right

Greg is at left

From the FCU-TOB days to the PSU Tax Division, Greg was a stalwart comrade. He was involved and influential in many of the major decisions that shaped our union.

Memories of Greg

Greg Swords was made a life member of our union in recognition of the major contribution he made over a long time. From the FCU-TOB days to the PSU Tax Division, Greg was a stalwart comrade. He was involved and influential in many of the major decisions that shaped our union. Many people will remember Greg as the long term Treasurer of the Tax Section, a task he gave a lot of his own time to - indeed he would leave his desk at the Tax Office and come into the union office everyday. Greg also made major contributions representing members in Appeals and Review. And he was active in supporting Filipino unions and OHS. I remember him as a quiet, kind, decent man who gave a lot to the union movement. My condolences to Amalia, Gai & Graeme, and to Greg’s many friends and colleagues.

Michael Tull, CPSU Assistant National Secretary

Greg was an amazing leader and mentor on our CPSU Tax Executive. He showed us what can be achieved by gaining the respect of members and management. The quiet achiever will be missed.

Helen Tuck

A thoroughly decent man - and a life of contribution in so many ways. My condolences.

Phil Khoury

Few will ever really know how much Greg did to support the union and its members. He was tireless behind the scenes, never claiming the credit he was due. He was a true comrade, a mentor and a friend. On top of that he was a real family man who cherished Amalia, his wonderful wife, and his children, partners and grandchildren.

Phil Gardiner

Condolences on the loss of a decent man, father and husband who I remember as a committed unionist, a moderate and good man who worked hard for his beliefs and was humble. Rest in Peace.

Pier De Carlo

So sad to hear this news. Greg was one of the brave FCU-TOB officials who supported moving to the CPSU and merging our members in the ATO together. He continued to be active after the move but always with a focus on members in the ATO.

Peter Feltham

Incredibly sad to hear of Greg's death. Greg was a colleague and friend who made a major contribution to unionism in the Tax Office. He was a key member of the group of tax unionists who revitalised the FCU(TOB) and eventually supported the move to the CPSU. He was an honorary elected official of the union for 30 years who gave a massive amount of his personal time to the union. Greg was a quiet man of strong personal convictions anchored in his belief in fairness and the importance of community involvement. My sincere condolences to Amalia, Gai and Graeme.

Paul Tregillis

I am so very deeply sorry about the passing of Greg. As a CPSU member I know we stand on the shoulders of people like Greg. I’m deeply grateful for the contributions and imprint of Greg on the working lives of Australian public servants. My deepest condolences.

Hannah Gissane

My deepest sympathy to yourself and your family.

Kaye Baker

Sincere condolences out to you all. Thoughts are with you during this challenging time. Take care. RIP.

Veronica Espinos

I was awarded the Greg Swords Award about 15 years ago when I worked in ATO. Incredibly sad day for all those who knew Greg, even if only by his position in the 90s. We all felt we knew him. To the family I send much love.

Meredith Allan

The quiet achiever. Stood up for workers at Sydney ATO on a range of issues. Big on OHS and successfully had several disputes on this issue. My sympathies to his family and close friends.

Deb Hanlon