The Labor Government has committed to:

  • Supporting meaningful increases in minimum wages and lifting wages caps.
  • Engaging in genuine bargaining with public sector workers for real wage rises and conditions improvements.
  • Abolishing the Coalition Government’s arbitrary staffing cap (ASL cap) allowing agencies to hire staff directly instead of through expensive labour hire arrangements which cost taxpayers more and pay workers less.
  • Enshrining secure work as an objective of the Fair Work Act for all workers and making ‘same job, same pay’ law.
  • Reducing wasteful spending on external consultants and labour hire firms
  • Conducting an audit of insecure employment across the APS and taking steps to create more secure employment where temporary forms of work are being used inappropriately. This will include converting labour hire, casual or contract roles into ongoing APS jobs.
  • Reinvesting nearly $500 million as part of the first phase of rebuilding capability in the public service – including 1,080 new secure frontline service delivery jobs at Services Australia, the Department of Veterans’ Affairs and the National Disability Insurance Agency which will improve the delivery of services to Australians.
  • Tackling climate change and achieving net zero APS emissions by 2030

These commitments didn’t happen by accident

Thousands of members worked hard to build community and political support for positive change. Together, we made this happen.

We will now work with members to ensure the new Government's commitments are delivered and implemented in a way that works for you.

It’s a big and exciting agenda for our union, but it’s one we are ready for.

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