Yesterday’s Senate estimates inquiry into Australia Post revealed the Morrison Government’s secret plan to privatise Australia Post services.

The content of the report by private consulting firm Boston Consulting Group was finally revealed by former Australia Post CEO Christine Holgate during yesterday’s Inquiry. The report recommends privatising parcel post and ending financial services in post offices.

CPSU members in Australia Post are horrified by this news and demand the Government make a commitment to keep Australia Post in public hands.

The report was initiated by the Coalition and was kept secret from staff and Senate estimates despite requests from the CPSU and senators until former Australia Post CEO Christine Holgate revealed it yesterday.

This makes the Coalition’s privatisation agenda even more blatant than the Minister’s stacking of the Australia Post board with mates like former Liberal Party director Tony Nutt, and ignoring their legislative obligations to consult with employee representatives like the CPSU upon appointing new directors. (Australian Postal Corporation Act 1989 - s 73 (4) )

Of the current board members, two current board members’ terms expire this year - Tony Nutt (March) and Bruce McIver (December). This will present two options for the Minister: to continue stacking the board with LNP insiders who seek only short-term profit, or to put the Australian community first.

Quotes attributable to Mellissa Donnelly, CPSU National Secretary

"History has shown that privatisation of public services usually results in someone making more money off of us, not the community getting more for their money. Our members know that privatisation will result in lower wages, less job security and prioritising profit over service delivery.

Australians own Australia Post – we should all be outraged that that our federal government is underhandedly trying to sell off our postal service and focusing on profit instead of a culture that creates quality of service for the community and job security and wellbeing of postal staff.

Decisions about Australia Post need to be made with community members’ and workers’ welfare in mind, not short-sighted profit margins and one-eyed ideology.

Post staff want to be part of the board selection process to guarantee the future direction of Australia Post will prioritise a culture of genuine respect, job security for Australia Post’s workforce, and Australia Post’s ability to provide a service that meets community needs and expectations."

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