98% said No

in our snap poll of all members yesterday, 98% said you wouldn’t vote for an agreement that gave no guarantees on pay.

Late last year, political staffers rejected the Government’s offer that left pay tables blank and gave no guarantees on pay rises.

The Government’s bargaining policy currently ties APS pay rises to the private sector, to be calculated at a later date. Under this policy, you would be forced to vote on an agreement that left future pay rates unknown.

Obviously, this is extremely problematic for APS workers but it is also a problem for workers everywhere. The RBA has clearly recognised that this Government's wages policy for the APS will hold back economic recovery across the board, cementing low wages growth across both the private and public sectors.

We need all staff to understand what this policy means. We need to work together to shift the government’s position so that bargaining in the federal public sector is genuine and fair.

Talk to your colleagues, friends and family about what this government’s public sector bargaining policy means.