Labor has announced what a Labor Government would do to fix bargaining, insecure work and workplace relations in the Commonwealth public sector.

CPSU members have worked tirelessly to make the case about why our jobs matter and how critical they are to our communities.

Labor’s policy sets the bar for the coming Federal election with a very different approach to the current Government, when it comes to the workplace issues that play a huge part in our lives.

What has Labor committed to?

  • Bargain for real wage increases
  • Allowing enhancements to conditions in bargaining
  • Backpay no longer prohibited
  • Scrapping arbitrary staffing caps
  • Increasing the number of direct permanent jobs
  • Conducting an insecure work audit, including converting labour hire, casual and contract roles into ongoing APS jobs
  • Stopping the waste and reliance on consultants

On Bargaining:

On the key issue of bargaining and delivering real wage increases to APS employees, the new Statement makes a number of important commitments.

Labor will:

  • Bargain for real wage increases, ditching the private sector wage price index cap
  • Allow negotiations on date of effect of pay rises and back pay
  • Scrap the “no enhancements rule”, enabling parties to bargain for new and improved conditions
  • Reduce the fragmentation of pay and conditions across the APS with a commitment to genuine service wide negotiations with agency specific conditions negotiated at the agency level

The Morrison Government on the other hand has:

  1. Capped and frozen your wages meaning that APS employees’ wages are no longer keeping up with the cost of living
  2. Stripped back your agreements and eroded workplace rights
  3. Maintained a bargaining approach that prevents you from improving or enhancing your current conditions, even on matters like domestic violence leave, undermined consultative rights, and diminished your job security
  4. Imposed a bizarre “mystery pay” policy that forces you to vote on unknown pay rises capped at the Private Sector Wage Price Index

On Secure work:

Labor will increase the number of permanent jobs in the APS. They will do this by:

  • Scrapping arbitrary staffing caps.
  • Increasing the number of permanent APS jobs
  • Conducting an insecure work audit, including converting labour hire, casual and contract roles into ongoing APS jobs.
  • Stopping the waste and reliance on consultants.

In contrast, the Morrison Government has:

  • Arbitrarily capped staffing levels, resulting in agencies turning to expensive labour hire contracts.
  • Spent big on consultants and contractors instead of investing in long term APS capability.
  • Delivered job insecurity through employment arrangements that cost taxpayers more than secure APS jobs while paying workers less.

This announcement means you now have a rare window into just what your working life would look like if there was a change in government, compared to under the current Coalition government.

In a few months you’ll have the chance to vote for the vision you think is best. Not many people get to choose their bosses – but you do.

Your union is ready to work with you to attain the better working lives that all of us deserve - including genuine pay rises, improved conditions and secure jobs.