The government has amended the Fair Work Act so that employers must offer permanent employment to casuals in certain circumstances. Unfortunately, the government has made it all too easy for APS employers to side-step these requirements.

We are urging the government to immediately adopt a process to convert long-term APS casual roles into ongoing roles. This process will need to involve a merit selection process, which can be limited to existing APS employees (including existing APS casuals).

If you are a casual in the APS let us know more here

We are:

  • Putting the case for pathways to permanency to the Minister
  • Holding discussions with major agencies
  • Campaigning for secure employment for APS casuals

Your agency needs to take action

Under the new provisions of the Fair Work Act, if you were employed before 26 March 2021, your APS agency will need to conduct an assessment of your position before 27 September 2021. It is required to provide you with a notice within 21 days advising you of the outcome.

The CPSU is talking to agencies about why they should be identifying and then advertising long-term casual positions as ongoing positions. It is time for the APS and the government to step up and provide pathways to permanency for long-term APS casuals.

The union will provide advice and support to APS casuals as the Fair Work Act deadlines and processes get closer.

Get ready now

The CPSU will be providing advice and support to members about what to expect.

If you are a casual, we need to hear from you now if you are affected.

The union will provide members with advice and support every step of the way.