Another year with COVID restrictions has meant the continuation of working from home, home schooling, isolation and the restriction of travel and movement depending on where you live.

As an agency, we have continued to work hard and achieved great results whilst coping with this pandemic.

It has been a successful year for the CPSU. During these COVID times your AUSTRAC CPSU representatives have been charged with providing support and guidance for members, with excellent support from the CPSU Member Service Centre who provided direction and participated in meetings with successful outcomes on matters including:

  • Successful negotiation on a number of PIP matters. Providing much relief and satisfaction for members.
  • Successful negotiation of staff having opportunities in other sections of AUSTRAC.
  • Engagement with AUSTRAC staff on the now implemented s24(1) determination.
  • Engaging with AUSTRAC management about the safe return to the office under COVID conditions.

These are just some of the highlights of success. If you or a colleague are experiencing work matters, please don’t hesitate to engage your AUSTRAC CPSU delegates for advice. If you are not yet a member, you can join here.

AUSTRAC and the CPSU have been very supportive over the past year and people should take great pride and satisfaction in the resilience shown by staff and what has been achieved in 2021.

Well done to everyone, here’s hoping 2022 gives us some relief and that we are turning a corner regarding COVID. Hope everyone has a great festive summer and a safe new year!

Hugh Brown, Adam Crofts & Isabelle Teissier
Your CPSU representatives