What’s happening?

For the first time in almost 10 years, the Australian Public Service is conducting a review of the classification system. The classification structure is important because it affects employees’ pay, career progression, the nature of the work that you do at your level, and your opportunities for development.

The APS Hierarchy and Classification Review is being undertaken by an independent panel, which aims to produce its interim report by the end of June. The review will consider the existing APS classification structure and rules, occupational classifications, and broadbanding. Unfortunately, the Government has ruled out considering APS pay and bargaining arrangements, which are intrinsically linked to classification issues.

What is the CPSU doing and how can you be involved?

Because a classification review has the potential for wide-reaching and significant impacts on employees’ lives at work, the CPSU will make sure that members have a clear and strong voice in this Review.

The CPSU has already met with the Panel, and will be providing detailed input to the Review following discussions with members.

To be part of this once in a decade conversation and ensure that your voice is heard, register your interest to become a member and join the discussion.

Our member only sessions will commence in April and continue to mid-May.

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