For those keen to get back into working from the workplace, the Department’s notice yesterday afternoon will be welcome news.

The message is clear that returning on Monday is optional and initiated by the employee.

The Chief Minister Barr said “During October, the preference is that if you can work from home you should still work from home… We're not looking for a rush back to the office.” (28 September)

The Department’s plan is transition starts from 1 November through to late November, consistent with the ACT-wide plan. Again, this should be a discussion with your supervisor based on your needs and should not be a blanket approach!

Note: You know better than anyone if you would "benefit through renewed connectivity” or if your “wellbeing would be supported by an earlier return to work”. Your SES is not qualified to make those assessments, though they can make assessments about work that needs to be done if it’s been on hold.

Wherever you work, your SES should be working with HSRs and managers to ensure the COVID safety plan and Checklist has been updated for the current risk matrix. They need to be able to communicate that to you before you return to work so you can follow protocols and protect yourself and your colleagues.

If you have any questions or feedback please, speak with your delegate and/or get in touch.

Your CPSU Delegate Team