Working from Home

Improvement to 3 Days Work from Home per week

At the recent bargaining meeting Geraldine Rivers (GM for Employee Relations) flagged a proposed increase to the general “rule” that employees may apply to work 2 days a week from home to 3. This is due to the strong feedback from members and positive advocacy from your representatives. It is good to see Australia Post listening to its workforce on this issue.

Improved Working from Home (WFH) Approval Process

At the same meeting AP management flagged a possible improvement of the WFH approval process to be discussed at a future meeting (no detail provided on the improvements). CPSU has contacted AusPost multiple times to schedule in a meeting and are waiting to hear back.

If an improved WFH Policy is important to you or you feel like you may need assistance in the future in accessing the WFH Policy, and you’re not yet a member, its important you join here today.

The CPSU is the union that advocates for Working from Home rights.

Restructures and possible Redundancies in Admin Officer positions

The CPSU is aware of a number of proposed restructures in Admin Officer areas of our membership (Information Technology, People and Culture and others).

Please contact Suwan Adamson (0408 404 216) or the Member Service Centre (1300 137 636) immediately if you would like assistance.

Please remember you do not have to sign anything or make a decision on the day regarding any redundancies or restructures, and to speak to your union.

If you are not yet a member of CPSU and you need assistance join here today.

Bargaining update

Unknown Pay Offer and Budgets

AusPost has yet to provide any details of budget and possible pay and backpay offers. We have requested their pay rise budget figures multiple times and clearly expressed the members' view that cost savings and increase profits/revenue from last financial year should help fund any pay offer. This has so far been rejected by AusPost at every turn. We are still waiting for your employer’s pay offer.

Bargaining Claim Response

The CPSU has responded to Australia Post regarding its position on bargaining priorities such as: WFH Policy, Customer Service Salary Increments and a number of other member priorities. CPSU reps are meeting with AusPost to bargain further.

Customer Service Classification and Work Level Standards (WLS) Review

AusPost provided a proposed new WLS which focuses on broadening the channels and skills needed for current Level 2 and 3 and other changes.

CPSU Reps responded to AusPost by providing a significant CS WLS improvement with an aim of a clear career path from Levels 2-7. Currently there are almost no workers at Level 4 and 5. The CPSU is waiting on a response from AusPost.

The CPSU continued to propose salary increments for Customer Service (similar to the current AO increments). GM Taeressa Fawthrop rejected salary increments for contact centre workers with her position being salary increments would ‘disadvantage workers’. CPSU reps are unsure how increased pay to acknowledge additional experience and length of service at AP would be negative!

Want to know more? Ask your representatives!

The CPSU had to fight to get two of our workplace delegates at the table to represent you as part of our negotiating team and they’re happy to hear from you!

Please talk to our team of Judy Svarcs (Section Secretary), Natalie Rolfe (Brisbane contact centre delegate), Suwan Adamson (CPSU National Organiser) or Annette Van Gent (CPSU Senior Industrial Officer) to ask questions or give your views.

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