Australia Post workers are Commonwealth workers.

Therefore they are exempt from the Victorian Governments Public Health Orders (PHO) mandating vaccinations for all workers attending workplaces in Victoria. We know the vast majority of CPSU members support vaccination as a critical way forward in fighting COVID-19.

Throughout the pandemic CPSU reps have been working hard to protect your health and safety and your employment. Where workplaces have mandated vaccinations the CPSU position has been to advocate for redeployment at level or enable Work From Home (WFH) for workers who refuse or are unable to get vaccinated (ie. those with a medical exemption).

After meeting with Australia Post, your CPSU reps received general commitments from Australia Post that no CPSU members would not be stood down. Your reps asked many member questions and below is a summary of them. Not all of the questions were answered but we will meeting with Australia Post again so send through any further questions to Ella Factor.

The COVID Safe Register – some questions answered

Aus Post confirmed that workers are ‘encouraged’ to upload their vaccination status as per the CPSU and OAIC advice.

Can Post ask us to register our vaccination status without Public Health Orders or laws mandating vaccinations?

Yes they can, however workers do not have to register their vaccination status unless a PHO applies. Employers can ask staff to register their status, but they must follow the Privacy Act and the Australia Post Privacy Policy.

We received commitments that the Australia Post privacy policy will be followed with vaccination status verified by the Workplace Integrity Team. When vaccination evidence is provided this team will verify it, delete the email, and store the vaccination status on a secure Australian server.

Members have raised further concerns and requested more detailed information. Post committed to giving a detailed response in writing explaining how they are ensuring your privacy. If you have questions or feedback please have a chat with one of your CPSU workplace delegates in the first instance.

Below is some further information from the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) about your rights to privacy:

Paid Leave for vaccination and recovery

CPSU has been advocating at Australia Post for paid time for vaccinations. At last Aus Post have announced 2 hours paid time per vaccination. CPSU will keep on advocating for Paid Time for Vaccination and recovery Time (if needed). CPSU is still yet to see a Australia Post Paid Vaccination Leave Policy!

Rapid Antigen Testing (RAT) introduced in workplaces

Rapid Antigen Testing has been introduced as an extra COVID Safety control in particular workplaces, including 111 Bourke St, Melbourne. Individuals attending the site take medically supervised RAT at the testing station in the foyer/testing area and wait up to 30 minutes for a result. If the RAT indicates a potential COVID positive result, then a PCR COVID test will be undertaken. If RAT is negative the person continues up to the workplace. 

Paid Time for RAT?

Aus Post’s position is that the RAT is done in your own time. However it is the CPSU’s strong position that RAT is a workplace requirement imposed by Post and should be done during paid time. If you are asked to undertake RAT you should record the time taken. This matter is very much unresolved. If you have concerns about this stance by your employer please contact one of your CPSU Delegates or [email protected]

Improving Consultation

Post advised that they had limited time to implement RATs and didn’t have time to do a full consultation process. Post have now committed to future consultation with your elected health and safety representatives (HSRs) before making further decisions regarding RAT. If you have concerns or feedback, please raise with your elected HSR or one of your CPSU delegates.

CPSU’s position on vaccination

The CPSU's position has been developed based on member feedback and endorsed by CPSU reps and HSRs across the country. The data was collated from our earlier union-wide member survey on vaccination access and attitudes.

The vast majority of CPSU members told us you either wish to or already have been vaccinated – but there are still some obstacles in some agencies, including access to paid vaccination leave.

Need assistance or have benefitted from our work?

The CPSU has been working hard to ensure you are protected from COVID and working throughout the pandemic. If you need assistance contact [email protected] or the Member Service Centre on 1300 137 636.