The CPSU has been successful in negotiating a way forward for the Contact Centre (CC) classification review, through a conference at the Fair Work Commission (FWC).

The CPSU has been negotiating with Australia Post for several months to complete the classification review for Contact Centre workers, including the development of a set of updated Work Level Standards.

After these negotiations stalled in July 2021, the CPSU filed a dispute in the Fair Work Commission.

We had our first FWC Conference on Thursday  12 August.

At this conference:

  • The CPSU raised concerns that Post has not complied with Clause 2.5 of the CPSU Australia Post 2020 Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in that it had not completed the CC Classification Review by March 31 2021.
  • Post denied that it had breached the MoU as, in its view, the outcome of the CC Classification Review was to do another review! (the CC Work Level Standards Review).
  • The CPSU’s position was that a review with the outcome of another review wasn’t a sufficient outcome for members who have been through a 12 month pay freeze.
  • We also raised concerns that Post hasn’t properly engaged with the CPSU and has only progressed the CC Classification Review because of our escalation of the dispute.
  • Given the strong CPSU arguments and the involvement of the FWC, Post has agreed to report back to the FWC after the conclusion of three additional CPSU Consultation meetings.

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What is the Contact Centre Classification Review?

The CPSU has been advocating for an improved CC Classification systems to address these long term CC member priorities:

  1. Salary increments and equity for Contact Centre workers 
  2. Improving Career Development and Opportunities for Contact Centre workers; currently almost no workers classified as Level 4, Level 5 and Level 7.
  3. Removing CC Level 1 as this in our view has been used to classify workers who are learning to do CC Level 2 roles.
  4. Update the CC Classification and WLS structure so they are applicable to the changes in technology of the roles (over 10 years old currently)