This May Day, CPSU members across the federal public sector will be showing their union solidarity with workers that are in agencies currently bargaining under the government's unfair new mystery pay rise policy.

You can join in and turn your socials red, express your solidarity and talk to your colleagues about genuine bargaining.

Download this genuine bargaining explainer and share it from your personal device this May Day – Saturday 1 May.

Share with #APSBargaining #Solidarity

Sharing the CPSU content on social media is an authorised CPSU industrial activity that members can participate in. It is appropriate to share this material under the APSC Social Media policy.

Don’t add additional commentary that directly critiques your employer, but you can express solidarity with workers in the National Indigenous Australians Agency, Sports Integrity Australia, Dept of Prime Minister and Cabinet, and Members of Parliament Staff (MoPS) who are currently bargaining under this policy, or you can talk about why you're proud to be a union member.

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