Over the last month there have been many concerns raised by members about payment of Miscellaneous Leave (ML), particularly in Victoria, New South Wales and the ACT.

Some of these concerns relate to pay periods going back as far as February.

There are many reasons for the problems with ML, which in itself is a complex form of leave. However there are two major drivers

  • Over 270 Interviewers have been eligible for ML payments. This is a staggering number.
  • HSO has a significant number of new staff who were unaware of the provisions for payment of ML and this has resulted in a variety of ad hoc processes being put in place to pay ML. To further complicate matters, HSO, initially, did not follow the process of having a conversation with affected Interviewers before making an ML calculation.

This is a requirement outlined in our Employment Conditions Manual (ECM) and is based on the fact that the Interviewer is best placed to determine the amount of work forgone or returned.

As a result many calculations have been wide of the mark and Interviewers have been lodging review requests. This too, has added to the volume of work required to resolve the problem.

Following long and complex discussions between senior management and the CPSU it has been agreed that:

  • All ML payments relating to future pay periods will be determined after a discussion between HSO and Interviewers resulting in an agreed calculation. These conversations will take place so that ML payments will be made in the correct pay period.
  • All ML payments relating to past pay periods, whether there has been a calculation or not, can be challenged by Interviewers. Interviewers will need to provide their reasoning for a challenge.

The ABS is very much aware that there is a legal obligation to provide their employees with their entitlements. The process that has now been put in place moves away from the ad hoc processes that were causing confusion and in many cases under payment of ML.

If, as we move forward, you still have concerns about the payment of your ML, please contact HSO by email to [email protected].

If you still have concerns following this communication please contact the CPSU.