Have you heard the news? DAWE has begun what they are calling a "Flexible Seating Project".

If you're across the detail, take our brief survey or read on for more information. The survey closes at midnight on Sunday.

There are many names for proposals like this including “hot desking”, “activity-based working”, “agile working”, even “non-reservation-based hoteling”! Regardless of the term used and some differences between them, the common theme is that workers don’t have their own desk.

This project has already started on some floors of 18 Marcus Clarke Street, “in line” desks have appeared in JGB’s ICT area and the department has plans to expand this to other floors and possibly other DAWE buildings – to what extent, this is still a mystery. We do know that SES will not be affected by this new policy! And all before the move to the new CQ2 building!

Have you heard about the new seating system? Tell us your thoughts here. Survey closes this Sunday at midnight.

As far as we are aware, DAWE has so far only consulted with senior levels within the department about this policy. It doesn’t appear to be a question of IF a new seating arrangement will happen, just HOW this will look in each branch.

CPSU delegates recently met with DAWE management to raise our initial concerns.You can read more here about what management have told us so far and what concerns CPSU delegates have raised here.

There are a wide range of concerns about flexible seating/hot desking/activity-based work, including obvious safety issues relating to the COVID-19 pandemic.

We want your feedback. Do you feel safe sharing a desk? Have you been consulted by DAWE on the new seating policy?

Complete the survey here. All responses will be kept anonymous and in confidence. We need your feedback by midnight on Sunday, when we will be closing the survey.

If you have concerns about your safety at work, please get in contact with one of your local delegates. Contact details are at the bottom of this page. Alternatively, feel free to contact Cathy Smith directly with any questions or concerns.