All workers deserve good, secure jobs, with wages and conditions they can rely on. Yet, at the Department of Veterans Affairs, insecure workers make up more than 60% of the workforce.*

This is unacceptable.

Job security is a cornerstone in addressing cost of living pressures. The current government policy needs to change.

We want an Australian Public Service staffed by ongoing, permanent staff with access to a career pathway and the benefits of APS employment. An Australian Public Service where secure jobs and decent bargaining rights help us deal with the rising cost of living.

The winner of the Federal Election on 21 May will be our employer for the next three years.

Its policies for the public service will have a huge impact on the workplace issues that CPSU members have told us matter most – wages, bargaining rights, secure jobs and climate change.

To help you decide your vote we have prepared analysis of the major parties’ public service policies.

The Coalition Government has ignored the warnings of our members in DVA about the risk to the mental health and lives of veterans caused by understaffing, delays and veterans’ claim backlogs.

Labor’s commitment that, if elected, they will convert 1,000 labour hire contractors to permanent employment and create an additional 500 DVA jobs will go a long way to addressing problems that have plagued the department for years.

You can download our fact sheet which compares Coalition and Labor policies in key areas, including job security.

* DVA workers in insecure work: 18.8% non-ongoing (as at Dec 21); Labour hire 42% (as at Jun 21). Sources: APS Capability and Job Security inquiry answers to QoNs.