Casuals employed before 27 March 2021 must be assessed by their employer before 27 September 2021 for an offer of an ongoing role.

What's been happening?

Earlier this year, government amended the Fair Work Act so that employers must convert long term casual employees to permanent employees in certain circumstances. 

It means that if you meet the criteria (12 months’ service and you work a regular pattern of hours), and there are no other grounds for not offering you permanency, then your employer must offer you a permanent position. 

If you work for a labour hire company, it is the labour hire company as your employer that must offer you a permanent position if you are eligible. 

What has the CPSU been doing? 

The CPSU has been having discussions with employers that employ a large number of casuals.

We have also been campaigning for more secure jobs in the federal public sector, including opportunities for labour hire members to access secure jobs within the Australian Public Service.

What now?

All casual employees employed before the 27 March 2021 must be assessed by their employer and a decision made about whether they will be offered an ongoing role or not.

Casuals who were employed before 27 March 2021 will receive a notice from their employer no later than 27 September 2021 about whether they are being offered an ongoing role or not.

CPSU support

You can join the CPSU to receive advice and support.

If you receive a notice and you need advice and support, you can email [email protected] and put “CASUAL CONVERSION” in the email subject line. Please include all relevant details, including:

  • a copy of any notice or advice you’ve been given,
  • the date you started with your employer,
  • any information you have about how regular your shifts and hours are, and
  • Any other information you think might be useful

The CPSU will continue to provide advice and support to members every step of the way.