The CPSU has put together a short Q&A on roster conditions for Schedule A Rostered members – go here to print or read below.

If you believe the rules are not being followed in your work area or you haven’t been paid correctly, please contact Sinddy Ealy directly on 0424 162 060 or [email protected].

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For Schedule A Rostered Employees:

How much notice should I receive of my roster?

7 days in advance of the fortnight it applies to. Rosters should meet operational requirements, support employees to balance their work and private responsibilities and WHS. Clauses 26.5.1 and 26.5.2

What information should be in my roster?

Start and finish times and RFDs. Clause 26.5.3

What is a Roster Free Day (RFD)?

A day of 24 hours which the employee is not required to attend for duty or hold themselves available to attend duty. Clause 26.3.2

As a two-weekly cycle employee how many RFDs should I receive?

A minimum of 4 RFDs, with at least two being consecutive. Clause 26.3.1

How much time off work should I receive before I start an RFD?

A single RFD should see an employee receive 11 hours off between finishing their shift (ordinary hours or overtime) and starting their RFD, or 8 hours off after their shift if it is two consecutive RFDs. Clause 26.3.2

What happens if I don’t get this time off before my RFD?

You should receive a 50% penalty for any hours between the 11 or 8-hour break you should have received and the length of the break you did receive. Clause 26.8.5

How much time off should I get between finishing one shift and starting another ordinary shift?

11 hours. Clause 26.2.4

What happens if I don’t get 11 hours off after finishing a shift?

Unless you agree to the shorter break, if you are required to work, you should receive a 100% penalty for any ordinary hours worked until the 11-hour period has expired. Clause 26.8.4

How much notice should I get of shift changes?

72 hours including the substitution of a RFD, unless otherwise agreed. But if the shift change is due to an unexpected absence of another employee, notice is different depending upon whether you were at work or not when the change was made. For employees not on duty notice is not less than 24 hours and for those at work no later than the finishing time for work the previous day. Clause 26.5.4

What happens if I am not given sufficient notice of roster change?

You should receive a 50% penalty for any hours which the new shift is outside the old shift, providing the difference between starting and finishing times of the two shifts is greater than 90 minutes. Any hours greater than the original number of hours on the shift will be overtime. Clause 26.8.2

What happens if a roster change requires me to perform work on what was an RFD?

It is treated as a cancelled RFD and unless another RFD is provided, that shift is paid at overtime rates. Clause 26.10.1(d)

When should I get a meal or crib break?

You should get an unpaid meal break or a paid crib break normally after 5 hours work but not greater than 6 hours. Clause 26.2.5

What happens if I don’t get a meal or crib break after 6 hours ordinary work?

You should receive a 50% penalty until the meal or crib break is taken. Clause 26.8.3

The CPSU’s top 3 tips for rostered members:

  1. Keep copies of your rosters and document any changes that occur during the roster cycle.
  2. Check your play slips each fortnight.
  3. Get CPSU advice if there’s something you’re unsure about or identify a problem. Call Sinddy Ealy on 0424 162 060 or email [email protected].