The winner of the Federal Election on 21 May will be our public sector employer for the next three years.

Their policies for the public service will have a huge impact on the workplace issues that CPSU members have told us matter most – wages, bargaining rights, secure jobs and climate change.

As Australia faces a cost-of-living crisis, we need a Government that will implement fair bargaining and wages policies that allow you to bargain for real pay rises that help you keep up.

The Coalition Government’s Public Sector Workplace Relations Policy doesn’t allow for genuine negotiation on pay and conditions, and prohibits negotiations for any enhancements to conditions. Labor has a different approach.

This week Reserve Bank of Australia Governor Phillip Lowe again acknowledged that current Public Sector wages policy needs to change, saying "...over time governments will need to shift their (public sector) wages policies."

Watch the video below that compares the policies of the two major parties in key areas that will impact the Commonwealth Public Sector. Share the video on Facebook.

You can download our fact sheet which compares Coalition and Labor policies in key areas including public sector bargaining, wages and conditions, job security, and climate change.

Once you've had a read, make sure you familiarise your colleagues with what's at stake.