As part of your membership, we are committed to assisting members to get ahead in their careers. This is another way we support our members.

These are on-demand webinars for your professional development.

Engaging and preparing for the performance feedback cycle: A guide for employees

Focused on the employee engaging and preparing for the cycle of performance feedback.

The first webinar addresses:

  • Performance conversations as a partnership
  • Setting meaningful performance goals
  • Identifying development and career goals
  • How to actively listen and engage in the conversation

How to provide constructive and workable feedback: A guide for managers

Focused on the manager providing constructive and workable feedback.

The second webinar focusses on having effective conversations and addresses:

  • The role of performance conversations
  • Core skills for performance conversations
  • Tools and techniques for the ROADMAP
  • Tools and techniques for the JOURNEY and JOURNEY REVIEW

About these webinars

These webinars feature valuable content from David Campbell, an experienced executive coach who has worked with a large number of APS agencies, as well as across public, private and not-for-profit sectors. David guides members through proven tips and techniques to get the best possible results from your performance processes. Whether you’re looking to move ahead in your career or keen to develop your professional skills in your current role - these courses are invaluable.


  1. Effective communications
  2. Establishing your performance roadmap