The first test for the Government’s appalling bargaining policy was a rushed offer to political staffers who had to vote in the week before Christmas. The offer was soundly rejected by 60% of voting staffers (a majority of whom work for federal Coalition politicians).

It is a clear sign that the Morrison Government’s new bargaining policy is unfair and misguided, with the capacity to do real harm to workers, the economy and the wider community.

The current bargaining policy caps wage rises at the annual Wage Price Index for the private sector, a figure that is already at incredibly low levels and is continuing to fall. The Government has also maintained its ban on bargaining for improved conditions.

We know that wage stagnation is already a problem for workers and the economy. This policy seeks to lock the public and private sectors into a race to the bottom on wages.

It is vital that our campaigning gets a fair bargaining policy put in place.

You can help

  1. Talk to your colleagues about the policy and the problems with the government’s approach. Download and print the fact sheet for your workplace.
  2. Ask your workmates who are not yet members of the CPSU to join you by becoming a union member. We need to be united and strong.