The CPSU has been advised by the Commissioner for Public Employment that access to the NTPS electronic ballot was interrupted at 3.46pm on Monday 1 November 2021 due to a manual administrative error which resulted in the ballot event being prematurely closed.

The Northern Territory Electoral Commission (NTEC) have now created a second ballot event. We have been advised that employees who had not yet voted when the ballot was prematurely closed were sent a reminder email at 8pm on Monday night containing a new link to access the new ballot.

This means that any employee now attempting to access the ballot using the link in the initial call to vote email from 26 October 2021 will be unable to cast their vote through that link.

If you are yet to vote you must use the new link sent to you at 8pm on Monday night.

We have been advised that at the count of votes on Friday, 12 November 2021, the results of both ballots will be displayed.

While it is very disappointing that this error has occurred, it is even more disappointing that the OCPE has been less than forthcoming, downplaying the situation and not even bothering to mention the important changes to the voting process when sending an all staff bulletin yesterday morning.

Need help voting?

If you have not yet voted, you should have received a new email from the Northern Territory Electoral Commission (NTEC) with instructions on how to vote electronically using the NTEC ‘Netvote’ system at 8pm on Monday 1 November.

If you haven’t received an email, or need assistance with how to vote, please contact Rosanna Leitch at the NT Electoral Commission at [email protected] or by calling 8999 7641.