After pressure from unions and workers on the problems of insecure work, the Government has made some small concessions, including amending the Fair Work Act to require private sector employers to offer permanent employment to casual employees who have been employed for 12 months or longer.

However, the new provisions allow APS agencies to sidestep the requirements, leaving APS casuals behind.

The CPSU has written to Assistant Minister Morton, urging the government to support its own casual workforce.

What should the government be doing?

It’s time for the government to look after its own workforce, and adopt a process to offer permanency to APS casuals employed for 12 months or longer.

You said this was important

CPSU members are backing APS casuals, showing their support for permanent employment for insecure workers. Members who are casuals have been telling us why this is important. You said:

“A significant number of casuals are working 37.5+ work weeks consistently, and have been doing so for years. The agency needs this staff to meet KPIs. The casuals are functionally full-time, permanent employees, but without the same rights, benefits and security as the full-time staff in leadership.” - Services Australia employee

“We are told that we ‘choose’ to be casuals for flexibility but this is not true. We accept casual positions because we want a career in the APS and hope that the skills we develop in a casual position will assist in developing a career path in the APS….” - ATO employee

“I have been a casual working full-time hours for 3 years and with a baby on the way, I need some job security.” - Services Australia employee

“It is essential to have job security to plan for life. How can you know where to live and how to live without surety of employment.” - ATO employee

“I have worked for the department for over 3 years and have no opportunity to progress and I get treated very differently to permanent staff. The attitude is you are just a casual so let’s treat you poorly. I have just as much knowledge... as most permanents yet have no recognition for what I do.” - Services Australia employee

Show your support

The CPSU will continue advocating for secure employment for APS casuals with agencies and all levels of government. Our strength to negotiate comes from our membership. If you are not yet a member, join today to help achieve positive change.