We are all closely watching the COVID pandemic and how this is impacting our quality of life, including our working life.

We know Australia needs high rates of vaccination in order to avoid ongoing serious health, economic, and social disruption from ongoing outbreaks.

The vaccination rollout has been poorly managed. The government not only failed to secure enough vaccines leading to shortages but also failed to put in place strong rules requiring employers to support workers to get vaccinated. We know there are many workers who want vaccination but have not been able to receive it. We think that’s unacceptable.

While there’s Guidance strongly encouraging all APS workplaces to facilitate vaccination for workers and many APS agencies have guidelines or policies providing time off for some workers, many workers report they still are not being supported to go and get vaccinated.

Survey for Paid Vax Leave

The CPSU is working with the Australian Union movement to put things right and ensure no workers are left behind. Whether you are ongoing, casual or labour-hire – the CPSU and union movement is campaigning to ensure all workers are entitled to paid-work time to receive the vaccination and recover if needed.

We need your support to get the Federal Government and employers to make these improvements.

Please complete this short survey, even if vaccinated, to share your views and experience on what, if any, barriers to getting vaccinated.