The CPSU recently met with Finance Minister Simon Birmingham.This is the first time in a long time that the Finance Minister from a Liberal Government has sat down to hear your views on the APS staffing and resourcing.

National Secretary Melissa Donnelly spoke to the Minister about the issues that affect your ability to do your job: the impact of the ASL cap and understaffing across the APS, as well as the increasing use of labour hire and outsourcing.

In recent weeks there have also been important policy announcements from the Australian Labor Party. Labor leader Anthony Albanese announced that if elected, Labor will significantly improve employment practices in the public sector and lead by example with the Federal Government as a model employer.

For the APS this includes:

  • conducting an audit of employment in the APS to ensure non-permanent employment is only used where it is essential, and
  • ensuring that labour hire staff and those employed under other insecure arrangements such as outsourcing are not paid less than directly employed colleagues.

Labor has committed to call time on the relentless outsourcing, off-shoring and short-term contracting that has undercut the capacity of departments to do their jobs and undermined the frontline services Australians rely on.