In an interview with the Canberra Times, he laid bare the little understanding he has of the issues associated with government policy on wages and conditions in the APS.

Minister Morton wants you to pick between a fixed wage cap or signing up to mystery pay deals, all with no change to conditions. The minister says that you should choose and congratulate him for ending a wage freeze imposed by his government.

The Minister said if APS employees didn’t like either then he would reluctantly consider reverting to Former Prime Minister Tony Abbotts wage rise cap.

That isn’t bargaining. It’s like a school yard bully saying they can take your afternoon tea or your morning tea, but the gift is that you get to choose.

A choice between two broken and bad policies isn’t a choice at all

The proposition that APS employees need to choose between two bad wage policies from this government is ridiculous and disrespectful.

What APS employees want to be able to do is genuinely negotiate on wages and conditions that have the capacity to deliver real wage increases.

But the reality we're seeing at the moment, which the Minister didn't mention in his media tour this week, is that some agencies are actually proposing a double pay cap. Some agencies are seeking to limit wage outcomes to the wage price index or 2 per cent, whatever is lower.

So what we currently have from this government is bargaining policy that freezes enterprise agreements in time, prevents the APS from innovating on conditions and fails to offer guaranteed real wage increases.