Considering the growing stress and anxiety that has been created by unreasonable workloads at the NDIA, this register is intended to be place where you can see across the country, where workers have raised significant WHS issues and concerns in relation to managing identified psychosocial hazards in their workplaces.

How does it work?

  • Once safety risks have been identified, the NDIA has a responsibility to eliminate or minimise these risks as far as reasonably practicable.
  • These include but are not limited to hazards related to excessive workload, change fatigue and poor job design, change management, participant aggression and bullying and harassment issues.
  • Where HSRs have sought union assistance, in accordance with section 68(2)(g) of the WHS Act 2011, the CPSU will do so.

When HSRs report that these risks have been eliminated or minimised to their HSR/workgroup’s satisfaction, the CPSU will remove affected sites from the map.

If would like to learn more about this register please speak to your local organiser, HSR or CPSU Delegate. You can also email [email protected].