Earlier this year CPSU members raised concerns with NDIA management about the inability to access overtime meal allowance.

Members discovered that the issue was due to the policy being so poorly worded that it made it virtually impossible for anyone to be eligible. NDIA management reviewed and revised the wording in the policy – however managers were still basing decisions on the old wording and denying access to allowance.

Your CPSU representatives took the issue to management and requested back pay for NDIA staff who had not received the overtime meal allowance provided for in your Enterprise Agreement.

Membership makes a difference

So far, more than 2500 NDIA workers had been denied payment of overtime meal allowances. Thanks to the leadership of CPSU members, the NDIA has agreed to back pay over $100,000 to those affected.

The NDIA has also taken steps to ensure managers are aware of workers entitlements to overtime meal allowance moving forward.

To clarify, you are entitled to an overtime meal allowance when you are asked and agree to do overtime, and that overtime covers a meal period (ie., 7-9am, 12-2pm, 6-7pm, 12-1am).

If you have been denied overtime meal allowance and have not yet received backpay – please get in touch with your local CPSU delegate or CPSU organiser. If you are not yet a member – now is the time to join.

Union members working together are the reason for this win – it pays to be union.