Download a timeline of your recent wins to share with your colleagues

CPSU members have been working hard to secure safer workplaces for everyone at NDIA.

Staffing cap increase - October 2019

Staffing cap increased from 3200 APS FTE to 4000 APS FTE. Directly led to 592 labour-hire staff acquiring APS jobs

Flex time dispute - November 2019

CPSU won dispute which led to increased accessibility to flex.

Senate Committee - March 2020

CPSU presented to first Joint Standing Committee into NDIS (private hearing) increasing awareness of workload impact due to under resourcing.

New EA - April 2020

No loss in conditions with extra allowances and new workload review clause.

KPI survey + report - April 2020

935 staff provided experiences to CPSU which was shared with the JSC into the NDIS and senior NDIA management.

KPI review + consultation - May 2020

NDIA agreed to review workforce KPIs through ongoing consultation with CPSU with a focus on the WHS impact on staff.

Collective Workload Reviews - September 2020

Over 60 staff submit collective reviews which forces management to create policy documents for the first time.

Comcare claim - November 2020

CPSU raised first comcare claim on behalf of all labour-hire members for the first time on direction to take unpaid leave.

Petition to Hoffman + meeting - December 2020

1006 NDIA staff participated in a petition raising concerns about workload presented to former NDIA CEO Martin Hoffman. Led to Martin meeting with CPSU on workloads for the first time.

Section Council - March 2021

NDIA forms first new CPSU Section Council in close to 2 decades.

WHS Collective Complaints - April 2021

215 staff from 20 different sites nationwide participated in WHS Collective Complaints.

Overtime meal allowance - May 2021

Over $100,000 in backpay provided to just under 2000 staff as a result of CPSU pressure.

Workload review dispute - June 2021

CPSU wins dispute which allows staff to seek Collective reviews, Reductions to workload, Reductions to KPI and Reviews of work complexity.

KPI review - July 2021

NDIA is actively running a pilot to implement new KPIs potentially by the end of 2021.

Senate Committee + media coverage - July 2021

CPSU presents at APS Capability inquiry (public hearing) on the impact of outsourcing and under resourcing on the NDIS. Over 80 articles were published across the country hours after.

APS Capability inquiry - September 2021

CPSU section councillors present at first public hearing on workloads and issues affecting the NDIS which led to 80 syndicated articles across Australia.

Escalation to Comcare - September 2021

First major workloads issue raised with Comcare under s82 Issue resolution process.

Further staffing increase - October 2021

NDIA deliberately surpassed its own staffing cap by nearly 700 extra staff in direct response to the Comcare intervention.

Joint Standing Committee into NDIS - October 2021

CPSU section councillors present at second public hearing on workload issues in the NDIS.

PINs - November 2021

NDIA HSR and CPSU member issued first PINs on workloads against former NDIA CEO Martin Hoffman.

Return to work and COVID safe plans - November 2021

CPSU escalated return to work concerns including lack of COVID safe plans to Comcare. Action caused NDIA to develop new COVID safe plans and to consult with CPSU on weekly basis indefinitely on COVID.

Wellbeing dispute - November 2021

Commitments to further staffing increase, tea breaks, national KPI consistency, KPI review and workload reviews for NDD.

Annual leave dispute - December 2021

CPSU launched dispute to ensure staff could access annual leave over Xmas which was being denied to significant number of staff.

KPI consultation - April 2022

CPSU members consulted on new KPIs for the first time.

CPSU Accessibility Council - June 2022

CPSU members with lived experience with disability collectively organise to advocate for issues affecting workers with disabilities.

Working from home (WFH) dispute - June 2022

CPSU Accessibility council resolve to dispute agency on its stance on WFH for greater access.

Secure Work Audit - June 2022

CPSU secures commitment from ALP government to convert labour hire to APS and to look for opportunities to convert non-ongoing roles to ongoing roles.