CPSU members at the National Gallery of Australia voted to endorse their bargaining claim

After a detailed claim development process, members have  endorsed the CPSU’s claim for job security, a guaranteed pay rise, rights for casual workers, genuine consultation, and enforceable conditions.

What’s in the claim?

This bargaining round members are focusing on:

  • Keeping rights in the EA instead of moving them to policy. We know from the last few rounds of redundancies how important it is to have workers’ rights enshrined in the enterprise agreement, rather than sitting in policy which can be unilaterally changed by management.
  • Rights for casual staff. Casual workers provide a vital service to the NGA. They’re skilled workers who juggle visitor experience, art handling, safety, and sales. Yet they’re routinely denied the ability to move up pay increments or convert their employment from casual to ongoing.
  • Management accountability on workloads and classification. CPSU members want management to commit to regular review of workloads and work level classification.

Download the CPSU bargaining claim.

Download our 2-page claim comparison.

Help us win

We know that this bargain is going to be difficult, but while the government has doubled down on their ‘no enhancements’ approach, the bargaining policy doesn’t mandate cuts to conditions. Any cuts that are proposed will be management initiated, which means union members have the power to stop them. To win we need more people to be members of the union. Ask a friend to join today to help us get the best agreement for Gallery staff. Not yet a member? Join today .