The three Agreements currently in negotiations for CPSU members under the Gunner Government's wage freeze bargaining policy are the NTPS General Agreement, the Jacana Energy Agreement and the Power and Water Agreement.

We've provided an update for members on the three Agreements below.

NTPS General Agreement

Bargaining, and bargaining meetings including other unions continue. Delegates and your workplace contacts are invited for updates fortnightly.

While we are still waiting on information and specific clauses to be provided and discussed, we expect that a formal offer will be provided in the coming weeks. When this occurs we will be asking members if you would accept the offer or not, prior to an all staff vote.

Here is a short summary of issues being discussed – a more detailed summary will be available soon.

Pay, Superannuation and Allowances

  • Pay offer is still 0% for four long years with a taxable $1,000 ‘bonus’ per annum which does not add to your salary over the term of the proposed Agreement.
  • Superannuation is paid on the bonus but only into accumulation funds, not other funds such as NTGPSS.
  • Work related allowances such as On Call and First Aid allowances will not increase as there is no annual pay rise on offer.

Family friendly conditions

  • The rewording of the current clause appears to diminish your access to entitlements, by changing the focus from you to the needs of business and customers.
  • Proposed changes to the Disputes Resolution clause would remove your access to Fair Work arbitration on all flexible work arrangements. Discussions continue.

Compassionate Leave

  • The Commissioner has offered that this leave be increased and made available for miscarriage and for extended family. • There is a definition of extended family which does not include kinship.

Your entitlements in By-Laws and Determinations

The Commissioner has agreed to include:

  • Community Language allowance - wording and entitlement are still being negotiated.
  • By laws and Determinations regarding leave such as war service leave and miscellaneous leave.

The Commissioner has not agreed to include:

  • Travel allowance.
  • Long Service Leave
  • Living away from home allowance.
  • Camping allowance.
  • Remote localities conditions such as fares out or freight on household goods etc.

Domestic and Family Violence Leave

  • There has been agreement to include sexual violence in this leave category.

Infectious Diseases

  • Your claim to include pandemic leave provisions, especially if contact occurs during your work duties, has been rejected.
  • The Commissioner wants to continue using her powers under PSEMA to issue something, when needed, that you probably can’t find online.

We are still awaiting wording or information from OCPE on:

Proposal for shift workers:

  • OCPE are looking to have all shift workers work 38 hours per week.
  • Currently 813 shift workers (including part timers) are working 36.75 hours, and 2,075 are working 38 hours.
  • We are awaiting the proposal in writing and information regarding the amount of hours worked on evenings and nights.
  • Please note: 38 hour shift workers currently get an hourly rate that is 3.4% less than 36.75 hour shift workers at the same classification level.

Pay progression for Senior Admin and Senior Professionals

  • The Commissioner was clear she will not agree to change the advancement process despite the issues we raised. We are waiting for information about the number of employees who have advanced through this process for further discussions.

Parental Leave

  • Foster and Kinship Care leave will be included in the Agreement, and OCPE are working on ‘simplifying’ the Agreement clauses.
  • We are waiting on the wording of the entire parental leave clauses to check that your entitlements are included and clear.

Note: Department of Legislative Assembly (DLA)

Arrangements with the Speaker mean that staff in DLA (excepting electoral office staff) will now be included in your NTPS General Agreement and will get to vote. DLA Staff have had an initial meeting and we will include any claims they raise.

Jacana Energy and Power and Water Agreements

Jacana Energy – an offer has been provided by the Commissioner of Public Employment.

  • $0 pay offer for 4 long years.
  • $1,000 taxable bonus per annum.
  • Complicated performance development framework to achieve an incremental increase.
  • An unfair transition to a new salary structure.
  • Various new leave entitlements you can’t access unless you have flexibility in your hours of work.

Members are currently voting on whether to accept the offer or not prior to any all staff vote.

Power and Water – an offer has been provided by the Commissioner of Public Employment.

  • $0 pay offer for 4 long years.
  • $1,000 taxable bonus per annum.
  • Flex accruals reduced from five days to two.
  • Does not recognise that travel is work above L2.1.
  • Refuses to include consultation with workers about job security.

Members are still awaiting some additional clauses from management. Members will vote on whether to accept the offer or not prior to any all staff vote.