Using a face mask is an important way of minimising the risk of contracting COVID 19 at work and keeping you safe.

To minimise risk of workplace transmission of COVID 19, masks are currently mandatory in all indoor settings across the Territory, including workplaces.

Employers must pay – not workers!

Under NT Work Health and Safety Laws it is the employer who is responsible for purchasing and providing a face mask (PPE) to workers while at work, including travelling for work or between workplaces, when:

1. the wearing of a face mask is required by law, or 2. the employer has identified, through a risk assessment, that the wearing of a face mask is necessary to ensure the health and safety of the worker and other persons.

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Have to buy your masks for work?

That’s outrageous and unlawful – click here so we can fix it!

We’re stopping managers making workers pay for masks

There is a growing problem with employers not paying for workers PPE, including masks, in the Northern Territory.

This is unacceptable and unlawful. The CPSU is taking action daily to make employers provide face masks and seeking to recover money for workers told to buy their own.

Thank you to every CPSU member, delegate and Health and Safety Rep who has spoken up to stop employers ripping off workers. Together we are putting things right!