Newly elected CPSU delegate Melanie Steele was recently contacted by a number of members in her team with concerns regarding a direction to return to the office that was sent to staff via Facebook messenger.

Management initially refused to provide reasons for this direction, so Melanie put her recent delegate training to use and worked with members to collect the facts of the situation. She then approached her local organiser, Jay Morrison.

Jay supported Melanie to write to the site manager to raise the concerns of members and request information on why the team could not continue to work from home.

In response, management swiftly changed their tune, and sent an email out to staff to say that the team could continue their current working arrangements.

The manager also confirmed that any decision to begin returning to the workplace would be discussed with staff through official agency communications, rather than social media, to ensure that all questions and concerns are addressed appropriately.

Melanie enthusiastically shared this result across the team. It just shows once again that working together ensures members’ voices are heard and wins results.

Melanie said:

“For me it is important that staff to feel heard, to have someone that understands what they are trying to say and to have support where they need it. This is why I decided to become a delegate. I am still learning the ropes but have great support from the other delegates and from the local organisers.”

“I have had many staff contacting me since really happy with the outcome … I think it’s a really good thing that the social media use for messaging has ceased. Sometimes things are just done as that’s the way they have always been done but it doesn’t mean it’s right and it doesn’t mean it can’t and shouldn’t change.”

Well done to Melanie and the members in her workplace for pursuing this issue and winning!